The AQ7932 OTDR Emulation Software is a powerful tool for analyzing, reporting, and printing OTDR test data. With the AQ7932 software you can perform analysis on your PC. Support Bellcore and Telcordia universal format .sor.  An easy-to-use OTDR report creation wizard saves you time when compiling comprehensive OTDR test reports. 

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Measured Data Analysis and Report Creation Tool

AQ7932 is application software that performs analysis of trace data measured by AQ1200, AQ7270, and AQ7275 OTDR on a PC, and creates reports. The report creation wizard function makes this task simple. AQ1200, AQ7270, and AQ7275 OTDR data can be easily loaded onto a PC using USB memory or storage function.

Trace Analysis
You can edit event search conditions, approximate curve line settings, and other analysis conditions, and repeat the analysis. Operation is also easy. Simply click the function icon.
 Tm Aq7275 24
Variety of Analysis Functions
Display up to eight traces on screen, and perform a variety of analyses including multi-trace analysis and differential trace analysis for comparing recent waveforms with old ones, and use the 2 way trace analysis function for analyzing average values of data measured from both directions in the optical fiber.
OTDR Project File Editor for Multi Fiber Measurement
By registering a comment, number of cores, Tape ID, wavelength, etc., the OTDR Project File Editor creates "File name table" called "Project". It can be used in combination with Multi fiber measurement function available on AQ7270 and AQ7275.
Creating Reports
You can compile trace and measured values from trace files and creates a report. Reports can also be created in Excel and CSV formats. Reports can be created easily by just following the step-by-step instructions in the report wizard.

Item Description
Main Function
Applicable file format
.sor, Bellcore universal file format - issue 1: GR-196
.sor, Telcordia universal file format - issue 2: SR-4731
(AQ7270, AQ7260 OTDR file format)
.trd, AQ7260 OTDR file format
.trb, AQ7250 OTDR file format
File conversion function
Available for file type and label
Trace display function
up to eight traces simultaneously
Analysis function
Automatic event search, Subtract analysis, Two way analysis
Event edit function
Event position edit, insert event, delete event
Report creation
Trace layout setting with print preview, displays item selection and edit and trace file selection. Master event setting, event edit, total loss setting, and scale. Edit of test result table
Output setting
Printer, CSV file (.csv), Excel file (.xls)
Clock speed
The CPU's minimum speed 300MHz or faster.
Capacity of the HDD
A minimum of 20MB of free space is required for installation.
Capacity of the RAM
128 MB, (256 MB or more recommended)
1024 x 768 resolution or higher
Disk drive
Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Excel 200, XP 2003

Name Beschreibung  
AQ7932 OTDR Emulation Software Update Measurement data analysis and report creation tool.
*The AQ7270, AQ7275 and AQ1200 must be registered in order to download the software.
OTDR Viewer OTDR Viewer is a free, limited functionality version of the AQ7932 OTDR Emulation Software that allows OTDR file viewing and analysis, not including printing function and report creation function. y-Link

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