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DL9700/DL9500 SERIES OF DIGITAL MIXED SIGNAL OSCILLOSCOPE We have developed the DL9700/DL9500 series of mixed signal oscilloscope, featuring 32-bit maximum logic input, a 250-MHz maximum logic input toggle frequency, a maximum analog frequency bandwidth of 1.0 GHz, a maximum sampling rate of 5 GS/s and a maximum recording length of 6.25 M word. This series is characterized by high-performance functions of waveform display and analysis with a high sampling rate and long memory in both analog/logic inputs, thus providing the best environment for analog/logic signal harmonized analysis of embedded systems. Learn More
HARMONICS CURRENT/FLICKER MEASURING FUNCTION OF WT3000 PRECISION POWER ANALYZER We have added a harmonics current/flicker measuring function to the WT3000 Precision Power Analyzer with world-leading accuracy of power measurement. We have also created PC software for harmonics current/flicker measurement. This PC software and the WT3000 comply with the IEC61000- 3-2 harmonics current standard and IEC61000-3-3 voltage fluctuation/flicker standard, thus enabling the electrical power, harmonics current and flicker of electrical equipment to be measured precisely with a single unit. This paper outlines the harmonics current standard and voltage change/flicker standard, along with the measurement principle and PC-based software of the WT3000. Learn More
SL1000 HIGH-SPEED DATA ACQUISITION UNIT We have developed the new SL1000 high-speed data acquisition unit which features a maximum sampling rate of 100 MS/s with 16 channels, and yet still offers 1-kV insulation. This PC-based instrument can also update waveforms at a high rate on the PC monitor like a single instrument, even for large quantities of data, due to the newly developed GIGAZoom Engine for data compression. This paper describes the functions and technologies of the high-speed data acquisition in the SL1000. Learn More
AQ6375 OPTICAL SPECTRUM ANALYZER FOR LONG WAVELENGTH BAND We have developed the AQ6375 grating-based desktop optical spectrum analyzer, which can measure an optical spectrum over a wide wavelength range from 1.2 to 2.4 m with high wavelength resolution at high speed. Despite the popularity of desktop optical spectrum analyzers in the telecommunication wavelength region, a large-scale optical spectrum measurement system with a monochromator has commonly been used for measuring the long wavelength region, and so there was a need for a desktop optical spectrum analyzer for long wavelengths. Deep optical absorptions appearing in the long wavelength region around 2 m caused by CO2, NOX and H2O are attracting attention in the environmental and medical fields, and thus sensitive measuring equipment by laser absorption spectroscopy using a near infrared semiconductor laser is becoming more popular. With excellent optical spectrum measurement capabilities (high resolution and high speed), operability and maintenance performance, the AQ6375 optical spectrum analyzer will contribute to the performance improvement and spread of near-infrared semiconductor lasers used in laser absorption spectroscopy. Learn More
DL9000 SERIES OF DIGITAL OSCILLOSCOPES We have developed the DL9000 series of digital oscilloscopes that features 4-channel input, a maximum frequency bandwidth of 1.5 GHz, a maximum sampling rate of 10 GS/s and a maximum recording length of 6.25 MWord. This series features the high performance functions of waveform display and analysis with a compact and lightweight design. As one of the significantly improved functions, this series employs an enhanced accumulation function capable of continuously and successively displaying overlaid historical waveforms, thereby enabling data acquisition and display processing at a maximum of 450-M sample points per second. Learn More
AQ7260 SERIES OF NEW OTDRS FOR FIBER-OPTIC INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE The Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) is an instrument capable of detecting and measuring fiber-optic break points or splice points, as well as distancerelated data, in fiber-optic communication networks. In line with the recent spread of “Fiber to the Home” (FTTH) technology, there is a growing need to detect these break and splice points in short-distance networks with even greater accuracy. In order to meet this need, we have developed OTDRs with a maximum distance resolution of 5cm. Furthermore, as a new measurement application we will introduce live-line measurement technology using a 1650-nm wavelength, different from the 1310/1550nm working wavelengths used for communication lines. Learn More
AQ2200-136 COMPACT TUNABLE LASER SOURCE MODULE FOR WIDE WAVELENGTH RANGE We have developed the AQ2200-136 compact tunable laser source module with a wide wavelength range of 200 nm (1440 to 1640 nm) and a maximum output power of +7 dBm or greater, as a plug-in module for the AQ2200 multi-application test system (MATS). When combined with the AQ2200 series of optical sensors or the AQ6317B/C/AQ6319 optical spectrum analyzer, the AQ2200-136 enables users to measure the wavelength-dependent loss (WDL) of an optical device without any personal computers. In this paper, we describe the features and structure of the AQ2200-136. Learn More
AP9945 AND AQ2200-601 10-GBIT/S COMPACT BIT ERROR RATE TESTERS With improvements in the speed and bandwidth of communication networks in recent years, 10-Gbit/s high-speed optical communications systems are becoming increasingly widespread in core networks, as well as access networks and LANs. Accordingly, devices and modules for use in 10-Gbit/s transmission are being actively developed, causing increasingly fierce price competition. Under these circumstances, the bit error rate testers (BERT) necessary to test these devices and modules are also facing a demand for lower prices. We have explored essential functionality and performance and examined product specifications, with a focus on application to the production of optical transceivers. Consequently, we have developed two compact and economical 10-Gbit/s BERTs, a plug-in module model and a portable model, featuring variable amplitudes, cross-points and voltage offsets for the data output and a built-in clock and data recovery (CDR) function. Learn More
VB8300/VN7100 SIGNAL GENERATOR AND ANALYZER FOR WIDEBAND DIGITAL MODULATION We have developed the VB8300 VectorCreatorTM baseband signal generator and the VN7100 VectorExplorerTM wideband modulation analyzer, capable of generating or analyzing a wideband modulation signal required for the nextgeneration wireless communications market. The VB8300 features a maximum clock rate of 300 MS/s, a D/A resolution of 14 bits, a multichannel signal generation for up to 8 channels, an ultra long memory of up to 128 M points per channel, as well as sequence functions and noise and analog addition functions. The VN7100 features an 84-MHz to 6.2-GHz RF input frequency range, a maximum analysis bandwidth of 168 MHz, and an ultra long memory, thereby enabling various analyses including EVM analysis. This paper outlines both the VB8300 and VN7100 and their applications. Learn More
IP TRAFFIC LOAD GENERATOR/ANALYZER-AE5511 TRAFFIC TESTER PRO The IP traffic load generator/analyzer is a measuring instrument used to test the performance of communications equipment, such as switches and routers configured as the nodes of an IP network, by generating IP data and receiving the data for analysis. In addition, the generator/analyzer is used to evaluate the performance of end-to-end transmissions or transmissions between relay points via a network made up of those pieces of equipment. Our company has developed the AE5511 Traffic Tester Pro, a measuring instrument equipped with various multi-port interface units and capable of flexibly meeting measurement needs in IP network testing. With the Windows-based graphical user interface (GUI) software, the AE5511 supports multi-user, multi-interface operating environments. This paper explains the basic configuration of the AE5511 Traffic Tester Pro, as well as approaches toward the testing of the quality of service (QoS) and the high-precision measurement of full wire rates. Learn More