Frequency bandwidth: DC to 50 MHz
Maximum continuous input range: 30 Arms
Functions with DLM2000, DLM4000, DL/DLM6000, DL/DLM9000 and SB5000.

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  • Bandwidth: DC to 100 MHz; current measurement: Max 30 ARMS
  • Clamp configuration makes current measurements easy
    The probe simply clamp around the conductor being measure.
  • No external amplifier required: Connects directly to DL series instruments
    The probes can be directly connected to the 1 MΩ BNC inputs on the DL series instruments without the need for connection to a costly external amplifier. All probes in our lineup are space-saving, easy to carry, and offer superior performance at a reasonable cost.
  • Current values can be read directly on DL series instruments
  • Using the current probe selection menu eliminates the need to enter current/voltage conversion values. 
  • Includes demagnetizing switch and zero adjust dial functions
  • Relationship between the current being measured and probe's current consumption
  • Inverter currents
  • Switching power supply inrush currents
  • Motor load currents
  • Breaker characteristics
  • Transformer/transmission systems
  • Fuel cell operation and characteristics
  • Power supply current waveforms
  • Power device consumed current
  • Vehicle electrical systems

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Bulletin 7019-30E Current Probes for Digital Oscilloscopes and Scopecorders pdf icon
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Maximum measured current Relation between the power supply and the maximum measured current pdf icon
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All Products Guide
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