Notice: This product was discontinued on 10/1/2003.
DLM2000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes is a replacement product.

Model Description
701540 (discontinued)  
701530 (discontinued)  
Name Description  
Binary (*.WVF) File Data Conversion Sample Program The binary files created by DL & AR series can be converted into an ASCII format. Please read the readme.txt file carefully. Supported operating system for this program is MS-DOS only. y-Link
MATLAB Control Tool Kit This MATLAB tool kit enables DL (M) Series to easily interface with MATLAB. The software can be used to control supported DL series instruments from MATLAB or to transfer data from DL series instruments to MATLAB via GP-IB, USB or Ethernet. Learn More
Quick Basic Sample Program (GP-IB IEEE488.2 ) for DL1500 series (discontinued) This is a Quick Basic sample program of GP-IB IEEE488.2 for DL1500 series y-Link
Quick Basic Sample Program (RS-232C) for the DL1500 Series (discontinued) This is a Quick Basic sample program of RS-232C for DL1500 series. y-Link

Aerospace Company - Worker

That software was probably the best "off the shelf" MetCal software that I've tried and I sure appreciate it. I didn't have any issues with the software and its cost was great too (free)!!


Siliconix, Michael Wright

5 stars. Stand-outs for me: 1. The human interface is a real jewel, easy to find everything, responsive, excellent intuit zoom, far better than competitor L'. 2. Wide range of bandwidth limit set-point frequencies, not just full/150/20MHz, apparently done with DSP post-processing. 3. The trigger sub-system seems to require a full graticule of signal to trigger


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All Products Guide
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