Notice: This product was discontinued on 9/30/2013.
DM7560 Digital Multimeter 6.5 Digit is a replacement product.

Equipped with communications functions, and offering additional functions, such as a simple scanner function and a BCD output function, the 7555 multimeter is applicable to both bench and production line use. The multimeter's memory can store up to 2000 measured data items and ten types of setup information.


This digital multimeter has a large capacity memory and can manage multiple set up commands.

  • 5 1/2-digit display "199999"
  • High speed sampling 125 times/second
  • Complete communication functions
    Standard provision of RS-232-C, and optional addition of GP-IB
  • Large current measurement
    DC 200 A, AC 150 A (for current clamp use)
  • Simple scanner for multiple point measurement (optional)
  • BCD output & D/A output functions (optional) 

 Measurement items:

  • DCV, ACV, ohms2W, ohms4W, DCA, and ACA.

Measures large currents up to 200 A.

  • DC 200 A, AC 150 A (for current clamp use)
  • Current measurement using a current clamp (751106)
Tm 7555 02

Simple scanner (optional)

  • Multi-point DCV measurement (up to 8 channels) With photo MOS relay, and a removable scanner terminal block to simplify wiring (see below). Simple scanner
Tm 7555 03

BCD output (optional)

  • Measurement data (including decimal point, unit, polarity and over-range) are output in parallel form. Combine the instrument with a programmable controller,to fit your production line.

D/A output (optional)

  • Any three-digit number in a row of the displayed data can be outputted in analogue with ±1V full scale.
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Control Module Download for GP-IB Controller Module WE7021 - 7555 Digital Multimeter This is an expansion module that allows operation identical to WE7000 modules by combining the WE7021 with the YOKOGAWA Digital Multimeter (Model 7555).
See the ZIP file (DMM7555.pdf) for user instructions.

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