Process Calibrator CA300 Series

Notice: This product was discontinued on 7/22/2016.
Process Calibrator CA300 Series is a replacement product.

Signal source: TC (10 kinds), RTD, DC100 mV, 4000
Measurement: TC (10 kinds), RTD, DC100 mV, 4000
Features: Selectable RTD (Pt100 or JPt100), Built-in RJC
Options: CA12E-2 Includes rubber boot, strap and accessory case


Specifications - Model CA12E-2

Features Simulator of Common Thermocouples and RTD Sensors: Outputs a signal equivalent to signals of ten types of thermocouple K, E, J, T, N, S, B, L, M and R as well as Pt100 esistance temperature detector.Suitable for a broad range of applications such as maintenance of industrial process instruments and various thermometers.
Multi-range Thermometer: Can be used as a multi-range thermometer. Three-wire RTD connection for an RTD is possible.
Built-in Sensor for Reference Junction Compensation: Reference junction compensation when generating a thermocouple signal can be performed by the built-in temperature sensor. For more precise compensation, use the external RJC sensor (model B9108WA, sold separately).
Shift Key: Selects temperature” or RTD” unit.
Terminal Adapter: Provides screw terminals for connecting a temperature sensor such as a thermocouple and RTD when measuring temperature. When generating an RTD signal, a three-wire RTD signal can be output using the lead cables that come with the CA12E by short-circuiting the Lo-Lo terminals using the short-circuit bar that also comes with the CA12E.
Plug for External RJC Sensor: The RJC sensor is sold separately.
Plug for AC Adapter: Common for all CA11E, CA12E
Standard Accessories Rubber Boot, Strap and Accessory Case
Power Supply Four 1.5-V alkaline batteries (ANSI AA-size) or dedicated AC adapter (sold separately)
Battery Life Approx. 55 hours
When generating a signal continuously on alkaline batteries
Automatic Power-Off Approx. 10 minutes (Can be canceled by DIP switch setting)
Generation Signal Level Setting By four-digit up/down keys
Response of Generator 400? and RTD range : Approx. 20 milliseconds (from when the specified current is applied until when the output level falls within the specified accuracy)
Applied Voltage 42 V peak or less between each terminal and ground
Measurement Display Approx. 1 update/sec.
Update interval Display 7 segments LCD
Operating Temperature/Humidity Range 0 to 50°C and 20 to 85%RH (no condensation)
Storage Temperature/Humidity Range -20 to 50°C and 90%RH or less (no condensation)
Dimensions Approx. 192 (W) x 92 (H) x 42 x (D) mm (Excluding protrusions)
Width 192 mm
Height 92 mm
Thickness 42 mm
Weight Approx. 440 g (including batteries)
Additional Features Automatic Power-off
Choose either "rubber boot" or "carrying case"
Compact and Lightweight
Complete Protection (CA11E)
Dip Switches (inside battery compartment)
Longer Lead Cables
Runs on 1.5 V AA-size Batteries or AC Adapter
Simple and Easy Calibration

Additional Features

  • Choose either "rubber boot" or "carrying case"
    Rubber boot, strap and accessory case can be chosen as standard accessories to improve impact resistance and make it easier to carry. (The calibrator cannot be stored in the carrying case when the rubber boot is attached.)
    The roomy case easily holds the calibrator without having to disconnect the lead cables.
  • Automatic Power-off
    Power is turned off automatically if the calibrator is not touched for 10 minutes, prolonging battery life.
  • Runs on 1.5 V AA-size Batteries or AC Adapter
    The handy calibrators can run on the built-in 1.5-V ANSI batteries or an AC power supply using the AC adapter (sold separately).
  • Longer Lead Cables
    The slightly longer than usual lead cables of 1.7 m (approximately 0.1 Ω for both cables) allow easy cable connection even if the handy calibrator is put on the floor.
  • Compact and Lightweight
    Almost the same size and weight as a hand-held digital multimeter, this calibrator is designed for use in the field.
  • Simple and Easy Calibration
    For the CA11E and CA12E, There is performing calibrations during periodic maintenance as they can be simply calibrated by the up/down keys.
  • Complete Protection (CA11E)
    The complete protector protects the circuit against short-circuiting of the voltage output terminals and application of a voltage (of up to 30 V) to the output terminals, etc. due to misconnection.
Model Description
CA12E-2 Temperature Calibrator with Rubber Boot, Strap and Accessory Case Signal source: TC (10 kinds), RTD, DC100 mV, 4000 Measurement: TC (10 kinds), RTD, DC100 mV, 4000 Features: Selectable RTD (Pt100 or JPt100), Built-in RJC Standard Accesories: Rubber boot
CA12E-1 Temperature Calibrator with Carrying Case Signal source: TC (10 kinds), RTD, DC100 mV, 4000 Measurement: TC (10 kinds), RTD, DC100 mV, 4000 Features: Selectable RTD (Pt100 or JPt100), Built-in RJC Standard Accesories:Carrying Case
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