High-speed high-quality information exchange is integral to keeping up in today's sophisticated communications environment. Yokogawa leads the way in cellular phone testing, drawing from previous successes from the world's first 802.11 test system, to continue to break new ground and support emerging technologies and innovations in cellular phone testing. Yokogawa's DL9000/MSO is the Test and Measurement World's "Best in Test" award recipient. The DL9000 is just one way Yokogawa offers you the strongest combination of performance, ease of use, and value among digital oscilloscopes. Yokogawa aggressively supported 3G technologies such as EDGE, WCDMA, while supporting legacies such as GSM. Yokogawa's state-of-the-art instruments enable you to speed development and testing for emerging markets, helping you to be one step ahead of the market in innovation and offering.

Application Notes