720931 CLAMP ON PROBE AC 200 A

The 720931 passive clamp-on current probe anables current waveform readings directly via analog input modules on ScopeCorders including the DL350 and DL850 using isolated BNC connections.

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Measuring Range

AC 0 to 200 A RMS (300 A Peak)

Accuracy (sine wave input)




50/60 Hz

±0.5% of Reading ±0.1 mV


40 Hz to 1 kHz

±0.8% of Reading ±0.2 mV


1 kHz to 3.5 kHz

±1.0% of Reading ±0.4 mV

Maximum Allowable Input


AC 250 A RMS Continuous (50/60 Hz)

Output Voltage

2.5 mV/A

AC 0 to 500 mV RMS

Maximum Conductor Size


30mm Ø

Please download the manual for complete specifications.

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