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Power analyzer gets accuracy boost Power measurements get harder every day. Because of demands for power efficiency, engineers need to prove that their designs meet tough specifications for power consumption. Because of that, Yokogawa has improved accuracy of it's top-line AC power analyzer.  pdf icon
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Power analyzer gets accuracy boost
Ensuring Accuracy in Standby Power Evaluation Energy consumption in standby and low-power mode has been an important issue. This article shows the need to ensure accuracy in power measurement, especially at high crest factors and low power factors.  pdf icon
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Power Systems Design
Why Real-Time Data Processing on the DL850E ScopeCorder Saves Time This article explains how potentially significant time savings can be achieved in the development of electromechanical processes if the calculations of power-related parameters can be carried out in real-time by the data-acquisition recorder. pdf icon
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Calibration: The Key to Meaningful Power Measurements To meet today's demands for the most accurate and precise power measurements, the instruments need to be properly calibrated to national and international standards. This article explains the importance of calibrating power meters and analyzers according to the user's particular application.  pdf icon
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Instrumentation- Measurement & Sensors Directory
Real Time Math Functions Enhance Waveform Recording Clive Davis from Yokogawa's Europe T&M office describes a measurement system for real-time calculations of power and efficient in power electronics devices, and gives some examples. pdf icon
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Electronics World, June 2013
Versatile Power Measuments Using Real-Time Mathematics In recent years, there has been an increased emphasis on energy efficiency in industrial systems, resulting in more penetration of power electronics in equipment such as inverters and motor drives. pdf icon
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Panel Building & System Integration, July 2013
Made to Measure Hafeez Najumudeen at Yokogawa Europe explores how power measurements are in increasingly vital aid to modern day energy efficiency. pdf icon
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Electronics, May 2013
Pulling on Precise Power Many industry trends are conspiring to make power analysis an important consideration for designers. The New Electronics editor takes a look at this expanding arena by talking to Hafeez Najumudeen of Yokogawa. pdf icon
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New Electronics, June 2013
Meeting the Measurement Challenge A new generation of 8-channel mixed-signal oscilloscopes enables engineers to address many of the measurement challenges presented by the increasingly complex electrical and electronics signals found in today’s industrial control and power systems. pdf icon
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Irish Manufacturing, December 2012
Extra Channels Expand the Scope of MSO Applications An increasing number of oscilloscope users are finding that the traditional four channels that have been the norm for decades are no longer sufficient. In this article you find out how eight channels provide the answer. pdf icon
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Electronics World, December 2012