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AQ6370 Optical Spectrum Analyzer - General Overview The AQ6370 is Yokogawa's high speed and high performance Optical Spectrum Analyzer for characterization of optical communications system and optical components. Thirteen built-in analysis functions and seven trace calculations for popular applications can be utilized with a simple function key. Yokogawa continues to provide you quality products that simplify your business practices. flv icon
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AQ6370 Optical Spectrum Analyzer - General Overview
AQ6375 OPTICAL SPECTRUM ANALYZER FOR LONG WAVELENGTH BAND The AQ6375 is the first bench-top optical spectrum analyzer covering the long wavelengths over 2 ?m.
It is designed for researchers and engineers who have been struggling with inadequate test equipment to measure in these long wavelength ranges. The AQ6375 achieves high speed measurements with high accuracy, resolution and sensitivity, even while providing full analysis features. Troublesome calibration steps and the development of external analysis software is no longer required.
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AQ7270 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer The AQ7270 OTDR maximizes the total working time during on-site tests as the time to power up the device, make measurements, and analyze and store the measurement results are significantly reduced. The measurement results can easily be transmitted to computers using the USB interface or the Ethernet. The analysis software (optional), helps with preparation of computer-generated reports. flv icon
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AQ7270 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
AQ7275 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer The AQ7275 Optical Time Reflectometer (OTDR), is ideal for use in a wide variety of optical fiber installation and maintenance applications. Increased efficiency and a quick start-up help to maximize time spent on operations. With the 10-second startup, the AQ7275 is ready to perform when you are. flv icon
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AQ7275 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
DL9000 Series - Accumulation Digital persistence, or accumulation, is a useful way to preserve a wave form on the display long after the event has passed. In this mode, all waveforms, including anomalies, will remain present on the display and then slowly fade away. flv icon
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DL9000 Series - Acquisition Acquisition video flv icon
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DL9000 Series - Connectivity It supports all the most popular computer formats and peripherals, including USB thumb drives, removable flash media, TCP/IP networking, and even the automatic sending of email on trigger.  If you prefer to operate the instrument with a keyboard and mouse, just plug and play. flv icon
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DL9000 Series - Cursors

Six cursor types are available in the DL9000.  Vertical and horizontal cursors are useful for quickly measuring voltage and time deltas.  A voltage-at-time cursor will show you the corresponding channel voltages at any time.

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DL9000 Series - History Memory

History Memory is Yokogawa’s unique method of preserving waveforms and triggers through automatic memory segmentation. It allows you to isolate any accumulated anomalies, so you can view, playback, and even search for events long gone by.

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History memory

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