AQ6370D Telecom Optical Spectrum Analyzer


The latest firmware will be released soon.



This firmware is intended to upgrade the AQ6370D to the latest version.

Revision History

Version Release Date Content
R02.05 May 31, 2019
  • Improved the speed of VXI-11 communication
  • Enhanced NF analysis
    (added power integration function for modulated light spectrum)
  • Improved operation of the SYSTEM LOG screen
R02.04 Jun 12,2018
  • Improved SEGMENT MEAUSRE function during swicth mode
  • Improved remote command performance
R02.03 Jun 12,2018
  • Improved noise calculation process in the WDM analysis
  • Improved gate mode performance during pulse light measurement

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AQ6370D Telecom Optical Spectrum Analyzer 600 - 1700 nm

Popular TELECOM wavelength Range of 600nm to1700nm makes this an ideal model for Telecommunications applications for both singlemode and multi-mode optics.