DLM2000 SNTP Example Setup

The DLM2000 clock can be set using Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP). The DLM2000 can be configured to automatically adjust its clock when it is turned on.

SNTP Server (SNTP Server)
Specify the IP address of the SNTP server that the DLM2000 will use. In a network with a DNS server, you can specify the host name and domain name instead of the IP address.

Timeout (Timeout)
If the DLM2000 cannot connect to the SNTP server for a certain amount of time, it aborts the operation.

Executing Time Adjustment (Adjust)
The DLM2000 clock is synchronized to the SNTP server clock.
Automatic Adjustment (Adjust at Power ON)
You can configure the DLM2000 so that its clock is automatically synchronized to the SNTP server clock when the DLM2000 is turned on when it is connected to the network.

If the time difference from GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is set in the date/time setting, the DLM2000 will make appropriate adjustments to the time information received from the SNTP server. Please see the attachment example.

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