Motor /Encoder Rotational Jitter, Encoder Slit

Item TA320 Advantage
Rotational Jitter Time variation display Transient analysis
Encoder slit
Continuous measurement
Abnormal slit detection

Rotational Jitter

Set up

Tm Ta320 27

Rotational jitter evaluation and transient analysis are made by continuous measurement of the period or time interval of the pulse from an encoder fixed to the motor.

TA320 Setting

  • Function : Time interval/Period
  • Display : Time variation

Tm Ta320 28

Encoder slit

Set up
Tm Ta320 29
In the encoder evaluation all pulses, both phase A and phase B, from all slits of the encoder need to be measured.
Because the TA320 makes continuous measurements, the positive and negative pulse widths can be evaluated at the same time. Abnormal pulse widths are easily detected.

TA320 Setting

  • /A-B interval /Phase
  • /A-B-A interval

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