Notice: This product was discontinued on Sep 30, 2013.

The WE7275 2-channel 1 MS/s isolated digitizer module can convert the analog signals of 2 channels to digital signals at a maximum speed of 1 MHz. Equipped with two A/D converters, the module can sample data through two channels simultaneously at 1 MHz. The input channels are isolated from each other, as well as from the ground. The module contains in its flash memory the graphic data for screens used to set such data items as the range and sampling rate necessary for module operation. When connected to a personal computer, the module is actuated once it transfers the graphic data to the computer. In addition, two or more modules can be mounted side by side to enable synchronous operation. The module supports the trigger function that permits you to acquire data before and after the rise of a specific event.

  • 1 MS/s sampling and 14-bit analog-to-digital conversion of both channels simultaneously
  • Isolation between input channels and between input channels and ground
  • Built-in 4-megaword acquisition memory
  • Operates in sync with an adjacent WE7275 module
  • Trigger function that allows data immediately before and after the rise of an event, to be acquired correctly

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