Multimedia Display Tester 3298F (DISCONTINUED)

Notice: This product was discontinued on Dec 1, 2009.

Multi-media display testers with many conveniences for your applications.

Yokogawa provides simpliciting for measuring in one unit with benefits including:

  • Luminance, contrast, flicker and chromaticity measurements
  • Digital and bar graph indications
  • Shading cylinder type optical system
  • Luminance measurement range of 0.01 to 40,000 cd/m2
  • Memory for measured data from 200 displays
  • GO/NO-GO determination functions
  • User-specified color calibration coefficients
  • Light source color calibration coefficients
  • Easy operation
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Battery-driven

Adjust and inspect the luminance, contrast, flicker and chromaticity of displays more efficiently

  • High cost-performance
    Lets you measure luminance, contrast, flicker and chromaticity all with just one device. The low-cost design greatly reduces the product's price.
  • Digital and bar graph indications
    Measurements for adjustment or inspection work are displayed both as digital values and bar graphs. User-specified MIN, MAX and other criteria can be entered for GO/NO-GO testing of production line samples.
  • Light source color calibration coefficients
    Color correction coefficients for three light source types (type A standard light source, three wavelength fluorescent lamp and CRT display) ensure accurate chromaticity measurements for each color and light source.
  • Excellent PC interface
    In addition to a built-in memory with capacity to store measurement data for up to 200 displays, an RS-232 interface port included as standard equipment makes data communication and control from a PC simple.
  • Easy operation with contact-free system
    The shading cylinder type optical system lets you make easy measurements just by moving the sensor within range of the specimen.
    • Shading cylinder type optical system
      Lets you set any measurement area

shading cylinder type optical system

Measurement Functions

Luminance Measurement

Tm 3298f 05 Displays luminance as a digital value and bar graph in a range of 0.01 to 40,000 cd/m². User-specified MIN, MAX and other criteria can be entered for GO/NO-GO testing.

Contrast Measurement

Tm 3298f 06 Measures the luminance of the "white" and "black" displays to instantaneously calculate and display the contrast. The calculated contrast is compared with the userset value for GO/NO-GO testing.

Flicker Measurement

Tm 3298f 07 Displays flicker ratio (ACrms/DC) as digital values (% and dB) and a bar graph. Useful for flicker adjustment.

Chromaticity Measurement

Tm 3298f 08 Chromaticity measurement mode
Displays GO or NO-GO for the measured value based on the userspecified reference color and range.
A different color calibration coefficient can be set for up to 10 different display types and 6 reference colors, enabling more precise chromaticity measurements for each color in each display.

Display modes
(x, y, L), (u', v', L), (X, Y, Z), (Tc, duv, L)

White balance measurement mode
Displays the difference between the RGBL measured values and the target values in real time.

Display modes
(R, G, B) (RGB ratio)


Tm 3298f 10
Flicker Ratio

Flicker Measurement

Measures the light's average luminance (DC) and effective flicker value (ACrms) to calculate and display the flicker ratio (ACrms/DC). The flicker of base frequencies between 20 and 90 Hz can be measured by varying the programmable low-pass filter's cutoff frequency.
The flicker correction function enables conversions to flicker ratios (%, dB) defined by JEITA and VESA standards.


Tm 3298f 11
Programmable low-pass filter

High-Precision Chromaticity Measurement

The characteristics of the color filters in 3298F's photodetector approximate the CIE 1931 color matching functions, and the tester performs optimization calculations to minimize error. Each sensor is calibrated with a combination of a type A standard light source/threewavelength fluorescent lamp and color filters. The optimized coefficient calculated for each light source is used to enable high-precision color measurement.

Tm 3298f 12

CIE 1931 Color Matching Function

3298F Chromaticity Measurement (Example)

Tm 3298f 13 Tm 3298f 14
Type A standard light source + color filters Three-wavelength fluorescent lamp + color filters

White Balance Adjustment

The 3298F displays RGBL levels for differences between Rm, Gm and Bm values (calculated from measured tristimulus values) and Rs, Gs and Bs values (calculated from the target color temperature/luminance) in real time. Displays can be djusted to the target color temperature/luminance by adjusting all their RGBL values to 100%.

Tm 3298f 15 Tm 3298f 16 Tm 3298f 17
CIE 1931 color matching functions   RGB color system (NTSC)

Measurement Example

Tm 3298f 18 Tm 3298f 19 Tm 3298f 20
Displaying difference between target color temperature/luminance and measured values   After adjusting RGBL values to 100%

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