Modular GM10

The Modular GM10 is a product to the Yokogawa SMARTDAC+ Data Acquisition and Control product line. The SMARTDAC+ is a fresh approach to data acquisition and control, with smart and simple touch operation as a design priority. Through smart architecture, the GM10 enables a scalable data acquisition system.

Enables a scalable data acquisition system

Increase channels by adding additional block modules

YOKOGAWA proprietary block architecture (patent pending)

  • Expand one, or multiple module at a time
  • Unique design houses modules in linked module bases
  • Module base ensures linkage (slide locks and mounting screws also available)
  • Modules can be inserted and removed from the front panel for easy maintenance
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Names of data acquisition module parts

Gm Image01

Comes standard with support for up to 100 ch of measurement (single-unit configuration)

Up to 10 I/O modules can be linked to a single data acquisition module (GM10)

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Installs anywhere

For the desktop, DIN rails, or wall-mounting. No special attachments required.

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Select from a wide range of I/O modules

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Select modules according to your application. Noise-resistant, magnetic relay types also available. All modules have removable terminal blocks for easy wiring. The same modules used in the SMARTDAC+ series.


Name Measurement/Application Channels
GX90XA-10-U2 Analog input module DC voltage, thermocouple, RTD, contact (semiconductor relay scanner type) 10
GX90XA-10-L1 DC voltage, thermocouple, contact (low withstand voltage) 10
GX90XA-10-T1 DC voltage, thermocouple, contact (electromagnetic relay scanner type) 10
GX90XA-10-C1 DC current (mA) 10
GX90XD Digital input module Remote control input, operation recording, or pulse input 16
GX90YD Digital output module Alarm output  6
GX90WD Digital input/output module Remote control input, operation recording or pulse input/alarm output DI:8/DO:6


Analog input module scan interval and measurement type



Scan interval (shortest)








Universal (-U2) 10 100ms SSR  √  √  √  √   Universal
Low withstand voltage relay(-L1) 10 500ms SSR  √    √  √   Mid-price
Electromagnetic relay
10 1s Relay  √    √  √   Noise-
DC current input (-C1) 10 100ms SSR          √ mA only


Internal memory and max. I/O channels


Internal memory

Max. input/output channels

GM10-1 500 MB Single-unit configuration 0 to 100
Multi-unit configuration 0 to 100
GM10-2 1.2 GB Single-unit configuration 0 to 100
Multi-unit configuration 0 to 420


Actual values support high precision measurement

Input type

Measuring accuracy* (typical value)
 DCV 20 mV ±(0.01% of reading + 5µV)
6 V (1-5V) ±(0.01% of reading + 2mV)
TC R ±1.1 °C
K (-200 to 500 °C) ±0.2 °C However, -200.0 to 0.0°C: ±(0.15% of reading + 0.2 °C)
T ±0.2 °C However, -200.0 to 0.0°C: ±(0.10% of reading + 0.2 °C)
RTD Pt100 ±(0.02% of reading + 0.2 °C)
Pt100 (high resolution) ±(0.02% of reading + 0.16 °C)

The measuring accuracies noted in the general specifications have a margin of error that takes into account the product's components and the equipment used for adjustment and testing. However, the actual values calculated from the accuracy testing data upon shipment of the instrument from the factory are listed to the left.
* General operating conditions: 23±2 °C, 55±10% RH, supply voltage 90-132, 180-264 VAC, supply frequency within 50/60 Hz ±1%, warm-up of 30 minutes or more, no vibrations or other hindrances to performance.

Supports measurement of up to 420 ch (actual input) by expanding channels across multiple units (multi-unit configuration)

Expand up to 420 ch by using the GX90EX expansion module. (GM10-2) On the GM10-2 large capacity type, up to 1000 ch are available for recording when including MATH and communication channels. Connect units with Ethernet cables for dispersed installations.
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Reduce wiring with distributed installation

When the data logger is installed offsite (away from the DUT), you can place the sub unit at the site and monitor data without the need for long-distance wiring of thermocouples and other sensors.

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Provides a smooth, familiar user experience

Easy acess from a Web browser

Through a Web browser you can monitor the GM in real time and change settings. You can easily build a seamless, low-cost remote monitoring system with no additional software.

Real time monitoring

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Enter settings online with a web browser

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Trend, digital, and other real-time displays

Gm Image14 A

Dedicated software (free download) is available for loading waveforms and GM settings

Universal viewer

Data files saved on the GM can be viewed and printed. You can perform statistical computation over an area and export to ASCII, Excel, or other formats.

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Offline software

Save settings or transfer them to the GM. Connections can also be made easily via USB or Bluetooth.

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Monitoring and settings can also be done on a tablet

Supports Bluetooth (optional code /C8)
You can enter settings or monitor from a tablet without ever bringing a PC to the site.

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Safe to use in a wide range of temperatures

With operating temperatures of -20 °C to 60 °C, it supports a wide range of applications without concern about the installation environment.

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GA10 data logging software (sold separately)

Dedicated software available for powerful system configuration possibilities. Acquires data from multiple instruments including SMARTDAC+ GM

  • Max. 100 devices
  • 100 ms high-speed acquisition
  • Max. 2000 channels (tags)
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High reliability

  • Auto reconnection when communications are lost, protection of data up to the moment of power failure
  • Data supplementing function (Backfill function)

Gm Image20

  • Server OS support
  • Enables construction of highly reliable systems that hold up under continuous operation


Multilogging function enables multiple asynchronous data acquisition jobs.

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Offers a seamless data transfer environment

Data acquisition on power measuring instruments (optional codes /E2 and /MC)

Acquire precise digital data on the GM by digital communication connectivity to a power measuring instrument (WT series power analyzers) and record it along with the GM's measured data. Since it records a device's power consumption, temperature, and other phenomena at the same time, the GM is ideal for performance evaluation testing.

  • Models that can be connected: Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corp. WT300/WT500/WT1800
  • Max. no. of connections: 16
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Comes with communication functions that are compatible with the DARWIN data acquisition unit

The GM supports DARWIN communication commands. Use your current DARWIN communication programs as is on the GM. It's easy to switch from an existing DARWIN unit.
See your dealer or nearest Yokogawa representative for details.
STARDOM: NT365AJ DARWIN connection package

CENTUM/STARDOM communication package

  • Communication package (for ALE111 [Ethernet])
  • STARDOM: NT365AJ DARWIN connection package
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Variety of convenient networking functions

Supports a wide range of networking functions

  • Automatic network setup via DHCP
  • SNTP based time synchronization
  • Email transmission

Increased network security with SSL communication

Safely sends and receives customer data

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FTP-based file transfer

The FTP client/server functions allow you to easily share and manage data from a centralized file server

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EtherNet/IP Function

GM supports EtherNet/IP server functions. You can access GM from PLCs or other devices and load measurement/MATH channels or write to communication input channels*.

*Communication channel function (optional code, /MC) is required

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Modbus/TCP and Modbus/RTU Communications

GM supports Modbus TCP/IP client and server modes for Ethernet communications and Modbus RTU master and slave modes for optional serial communications.

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Be confident that recorded data is saved

Supports long-duration and multichannel recording. Measured data is always stored to internal memory, and data is transferred to external storage media at regular intervals. Redundancy can be achieved by sending data to a server with the FTP client function. Securely saves measured data even in the event of a sudden power loss.

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Approximate sample time


Number of recording channels   Total sample time
 30 Approx. 71 days 
 100 Approx. 23 days 
 300  Approx. 7 days

With an internal memory of 1.2 GB and recording interval of 1 sec.

Measured data file type

You can save measured data to editable text files, or to binaary files for adde security.

Report template function (optional code /MT)

This function automatically creates spreadsheets in PDF or Excel format.

Gm Image29

Spreadsheets are created according to the template loaded on the main unit. Templates are available for Excel and PDF. PDF spreadsheet templates are created with a free report template builder program.

Supports 21 CFR Part 11 (pending; with added specs)

GM supports the USA FDA's Title 21 CFR Part 11 regulation

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Model Description
GM10-1 Standard Memory (Max. measurement channels: 100 ch)
GM10-2 Large Memory (Max. measurement channels: 500 ch)
Instruction Manuals

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