96066 Clamp-on probe

max. approx. 150 mm
AC 3000 A, 3 CH Load current measurement.

How To Measure Load Current-

Load Current Measurement Procedures:

(How to use clamp-on amp-probe 96066)

1. Connect the output connector to the Input terminal of the measuring instrument.

2. Power on the measuring instrument.

3. Disconnect the joint: Pull down the lock and pull out the sensor.

4. Clamp onto one conductor under the test. When connecting the sensor with the power meter (CW500 etc.), check the direction of the guide arrow mark indicating the current flowing direction marked on the Joint of the clamp sensor to make the phase of the current under test and output voltage synchronized.: Insert pins in the Joint fixing hole to ensure a firm connection. Use non-conductive pin for fixing the Joint in order to avoid getting an electrical shock. Clamp onto one conductor only. 

5. Confirm that the Joint on the Clamp sensor is firmly locked.

6. Select any desirable range (300A/ 1000A/ 3000A) with the RANGE button. When powering off the instrument once and powering on again, the range will be the one selected before powering off the instrument.

Instruction Manuals

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