Modular Manufacturing Test System

A modular test platform with a wide selection of modules allows optimal configuration of test solutions for optical component and network systems manufacturing.

We offer a wide lineup of modules including variable optical attenuators with or without built-in power meters, high power & multi channel power meters, high-stability laser sources and switches in a variety of channel counts.

  • AQ2212 Frame Controller
  • Multi application test system
  • Two frame controller platforms
  • Select best platform size for intended measurement applications

"Hot-swapping" capability and remote monitoring and control are even easier with Ethernet support. 

  • AQ2200-112 Light source module
  • High output level stability performance
  • AQ2200 Multi-Application Test System

High Stability reference laser light sources for DWDM channel measurements. The one or two channel modules are part of an integrated optical device testing solution for the AQ2200 series frame controller platform.

The AQ2200-212 is single channel sensor module with an analog output port.

Increase your testing power and capability with the AQ2200-222 sensor module.

Ideal for measuring output power of transmission equipment and optical fiber amplifiers.

  • AQ2200-232 Optical Sensor Head (Large diameter detector, 800 to 1700 nm)
  • AQ2200-242 Optical Sensor Head (Large diameter detector, 400 to 1100 nm)
  • AQ2200-202 Interface Module (2-channels)
  • High performance optical sensor heads and interface module 
  • AQ2200-312 Variable Optical Attenuator Module from Yokogawa Test&Measurement 
  • Small, lightweight variable optical attenuator providing low insertion loss
  • SM, GI50, and GI62.5 fiber optic attenuator types available

With built-in optical power meter for monitoring power
Compact and lightweight optical variable attenuator.
SM, GI50 and GI62.5 optical fiber models available.

  • AQ2200-411 Optical Switch Module 
  • Superior switching reproducibility
  • Compact optical switches
  • SM, GI50 and GI62.5 optical fiber models available
  • AQ2200-412 Optical Switch Module
  • Superior switching reproducibility
  • Compact
  • SM & GI50 optical fiber models available
  • AQ2200-421 Optical Switch Module
  • Superior switching reproducibility
  • Compact optical switches
  • SM, GI50 and GI62.5 optical fiber models available

The AQ2200-642 reduces the complexity and cost of 10G optical transceiver testing by combining bus and power control features into the same mainframe that performs Signal Generation, BERT and Optical testing.


One of the challenges for engineers involved with the development or maintenance of complex electromechanical systems is to link the behavior in one part of a system to control signals in another. In particular, engineers often need to understand causality: the relationship between an event (the cause) and a second event (the effect) to obtain an insight into an electromechanical system’s overall behaviour and to plan corrective actions accordingly.


After a disastrous 2009, the large publicly held test companies enjoyed booming business in 2010.


No, although the basic shape is the same for both the AQ9335 and AQ9335C, the internal physical deisgn for the AQ9335C has been changed slightly to fit the AQ2200 series sensor modules for optimum accuracy. You will ...


One possible way to create a non-blocking 4x4 switch on the AQ2200 Multi Application Test System is by using multiple 2x2 switch modules. Please refer to the attached file. ​


The analog output of the AQ2200-211 Sensor Module converts digital data to analog data in 100 us interval. It is not a direct output of an analog amplified but it is a D/A output. ​


The following are the specifications for the AQ2200-111 1490nm DFB Module:- Center wavelength: 1490nm+/-10nm- Wavelength accuracy: 0.05nm- SMSR: 30dB or morePlease refer to the datasheet for the AQ2200-111(1310) ...


Please download and refer to the attached document for complete instructions on how to upgrade the firmware for the AQ2201/AQ2202 Frame Controller.


The meaning of "Monitor port: -13 dB" is that -13 dB corresponds to about 5% (10Log(0.05) nearly equals to -13). That is, output power is divided by an optical coupler at a ratio of 95:5, and 5% is for monitor ...


Yes, the AQ2200-141/-142 FP-LD modules have a built-in isolator. The isolation is 35dB.


The Chopped Light mode is used: To increase measurement level sensitivity by cutting the high frequency noise To detect only the light that the LS emitted, effective for free space measurement. In free space ...


If you have products currently in China that require calibration or repair, you may either return them to your local Yokogawa service center or the Yokogawa China Service & Repair Center.   Please be advised that ...


No, unfortunately due to the number of current fiber combinations, we do not stock optical fibers. There are many companies that specialize in optical fiber cords.

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    From visible light to telecommunication bands and even up to applications in the 2000nm region, optical testing professionals count on the Yokogawa Test&Measurement optical testing family of products. For decades, these precision-based optical measuring instruments have met and exceeded the needs of many customers’ experimental requirements. Applicable to a range of uses in R&D, manufacturing, and academia, Yokogawa Test&Measurement OSAs, OTDRs, OWMs, modular manufacturing test systems, and more deliver quality, consistency, ease of use, and market leadership for all manner of optical test applications.

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