720220 16 Channel Voltage Input Module

This is a 16 Channel Voltage Input Module capable of measuring 16 channels of DC voltage on a single unit.

  • Isolated (GND-terminal)
  • Non-Isolated (CH-CH) 
  • Maximum allowable voltage between sub-channel high inputs 42V (DC + AC Peak)
Applicable to DL350 and DL850 series.

This is a multichannel voltage module capable of measuring 16 channels of DC voltage on a single unit. Scan method measurements are possible by using a removable spring terminal block (removable in 8 channel sections) at the input. The input section uses Weidmueller B2L 3.5/16LH clamp connectors.

The maximum sampling rates are 200 kS/s (1 CH) and 10 kS/s (16 CH simultaneous). The minimum voltage input range is 200 mV/div, and the maximum is 42 V (direct input, 1 kHz or less).You can build a 128 CH measuring system by installing up to 8 modules in a single DL850/DL850V.

On each of the 16 channels (and subchannels) in the data acquisition module, you can individually set the range and other input conditions, position, zoom, and other display conditions.

Input terminal blocks are isolated from ground. There is no isolation between channels within the input terminal block.

720220 - 16CH Voltage Input Module

Input Channels 16
Input Coupling DC, GND (Selectable for each sub-CH)
Maximum Sample Rate 200kS/s (single CH)
[10kS/s when using 16-CH]
Input Type Isolated unbalanced
Frequency Range (-3dB)*1 DC to 5kHz
Voltage-Axis Sensitivity Setting 200mV/div (1-2-5 steps)
Maximum Input Voltage (1kHz or less) Direct Input - 42V (DC+ACpeak)
Maximum Allowable Common Mode Voltage (1kHz or less) Direct Input 42V (DC+AC Peak) (CAT 1 and CAT II, 30 Vrms)
Vertical (voltage)Axis Accuracy DC Accuracy ±(0.3% of 10div)
Input Connector Spring-type terminal (removable per 8CH)
Input Impedance 1MΩ ±1%
Common Mode Rejection Ratio 86 dB (50/60 Hz) or more (Typ.)
A/D Conversion Resolution 16-bit (2400 LSB/div)
Temperature Coefficient Zero point: ±(0.015% of 10div)/°C (Typ.)
Gain: ±(0.01% of 10div)/°C (Typ.)
Bandwidth Limit OFF/500Hz (Selectable for each sub-CH)

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