AQ2200-641 XFP interface module (DISCONTINUED)

Notice: This product was discontinued on 12.03.31.

AQ2200-641 XFP Interface module allows to setup 10G Optical BERT system together with AQ2200-601 BERT module and AQ2200-331 ATT module and the other modules.
Since AQ2200-641 allows to use any XFP Transceiver module, it results in excellent cost-efficiency, and flexibility of wavelength selections (850nm, 1310nm or 1550nm).

  • With AQ2200-601 10 Gbit/s BERT modules, builds an optical 10 Gbit/s BERT system
  • A commercial XFP transceiver can be used
  • Adapts to various wavelengths and fiber types by changing the XFP transceiver
  • XFP transceiver status such as temperature and alarms can be monitored
10 Gbit/s Transceiver Measurement System
10 Gbit/s optical transceiver modules such as an XFP are used for 10 G Ethernet system. Employing commercial XFP transceivers in the AQ2200-641 XFP interface module makes it easy to build optical BERT systems. Changing XFP transceivers enables the adaptation to various wavelengths and fiber types. This measurement system measures major parameters of an optical transceiver defined in the IEE 803.2ae standard.
J032 Tm Aq2200 641 03
Example of a Transceiver’s Receiver Sensitivity Measurement

Measurement items: Receiving sensitivity (BER curve), center wavelength, spectrum width, average optical power, etc.
J032 Tm Aq2200 641 02
Application Note

This system does not require manual reconfiguration of optical paths and adjustments of EDFA input power, and that improves measurement throughput and avoids a human error.

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