AQ2200-111 DFB-LD module (1310nm) (DISCONTINUED)

Notice: This product was discontinued on Mar 3, 2014. See this replacement product:

The AQ2200-111 is a DFB-LD module for the AQ2200 series. It can be used in a wide range of applications, including tests on various optical characteristics in creating a virtual network on an optical fiber network.

Look for high-stability and high output from the AQ2200:

  • Wavelength: 1310 nm, 1490nm
  • High-stability optical output: ±0.005 dB
  • High-stability output wavelength: ±0.005 nm
  • Configure the desired measurement system by combining AQ2200 series modules with Yokogawa optical communications measuring instruments.


The AQ2200-111's optical output port consists of an angled PC connector, and it contains an internal isolator to suppress reflective light. This design provides excellent level stability of ±0.005 dB over a 15-minute period.

Optical output level adjustment

Optical output can be adjusted in the range of 0 to 10 dB (in steps of 0.01 dB) while maintaining a fixed wavelength. Levels can be adjusted between WDM signal channels.

Coherence control function

The DFB laser's spectral width can be set to WIDE or NARROW. During loss measurements, the WIDE setting suppresses interference and makes it easier to obtain accurate measurements.

High wavelength stability

J017 Tm Aq2200 111 03
Wavelength stability of ±0.005 nm or less over a 15-minutes period is achieved using temperature control. The wavelength can be adjusted in a 1.6-nm range.

Example of measurement applications:

  • Light source for evaluating GE-PON systems at 1310 nm and 1490 nm
  • Stable light source for PDL measurements
3-wavelength Optical Filter Measurement System for GE-PON (example)
J017 Tm Aq2200 111 04

Application Note

This system does not require manual reconfiguration of optical paths and adjustments of EDFA input power, and that improves measurement throughput and avoids a human error.

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