Microoptics Design Technique And Its Application To Optical Devices For DWDM

This paper describes a compact optical channel monitor and a delayed interferometer having free-space optical elements such as lenses or mirrors, as an application of microoptics. These devices have been developed to be built into dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) transmission systems. These optics use a Gaussian beam which is emitted through single-mode optical fibers and located near the optical axis. This paper explains the optical designs of these devices based on the Gaussian beam's behavior.
SANPEI Yoshihiro*1 SUZUKI Yasuyuki*2 IEMURA Kouki*3 ASANO Junichirou*3

Communication and Measurement Business Headquarters, Optical Communication Measurement Development Department

*2Communication and Measurement Business Headquarters, Core Technology Development Department

*3Photonics Business Headquarters, Engineering Department IV

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