AQ7933 OTDR Emulation Software - Basic Operation

The AQ7933 OTDR Emulation Software is software that can re-analyze and create reports of trace data measured on a Yokogawa OTDR.

It is more intuitive than conventional software and has a wealth of useful features including event map and pass / fail judgment screen.

This video will introduce the basic usage of the AQ7933 such as one-way analysis, two-way (bidirectional) analysis, and report creation.

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AQ7933 OTDR Emulation Software

AQ7933 is application software to display and analyze waveform data measured by Yokogawa OTDRs and create a work report on a PC. This software provides more intuitive operability than the conventional software, helping field engineers to reduce their work.

Optical Test Equipment

  • Yokogawa optical test equipment solutions to measure optical components/systems
  • Serves demand for high capacity fiber lines and new component technologies

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

  • Optical time domain reflectometer precision instrument for access network optical fiber installation and maintenance
  • Locate events or faults along fiber link during OTDR testing procedure

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