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Precision Waveform Generation with Yokogawa Function Generators

Achieve versatile signal generation with the Yokogawa FG400 Series function generators, including the Single Channel Model FG410 and the Two Channel Model FG420. These units provide a wide variety of waveforms, ensuring accurate, low distortion sine waves up to 30 MHz.

Key Features of Yokogawa Function Generators

Yokogawa's function generators are equipped with features to meet diverse signal generation needs:

  • Wide Variety of Waveforms: Generates multiple waveform types for various applications.
  • High Accuracy and Low Distortion: Produces precise signals with minimal distortion.
  • High Frequency Capability: Sine waves up to 30 MHz for high-frequency applications.

Choosing the Right Function Generator

Selecting the ideal function generator involves considering the following factors:

  • Channel Requirements: Choose between single and dual-channel models based on application needs.
  • Frequency Range: Ensure the generator meets the required frequency range.
  • Waveform Variety: Select models that provide the necessary waveforms for your applications.

Yokogawa Function Generator Solutions

Yokogawa’s function generators are designed for ease of use and precision, making them ideal for various testing and measurement applications.

Advantages of Yokogawa Function Generators

  • Reliable Performance: Consistent and precise signal generation.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies setup and operation.
  • Robust Design: Ensures durability and long-term reliability.

Equip your testing and measurement systems with Yokogawa's function generators for accurate and versatile waveform generation.

The FG400 Isolated Arbitrary/Function Generators provides precision output for test stimulus in power electronics applications. It generate standard and custom waveforms.


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