GS200 DC Voltage / Current Source Pulse Generator

The GS200 is a low voltage/current DC source with high accuracy, high stability, and high resolution. With its excellent traceability, stability, and 5 1/2-digit resolution, the GS200 generates extremely low-noise DC voltage and current signals that are required for many applications. Additionally, the optional monitoring feature turns the GS200 into a voltage and current measuring instrument.

General Specifications

  • Tm Gs610 25Voltage source up to ±32 V and current source up to ±200 mA
  • 51/2-digit, 120000-count output resolution
  • Voltage and current simple monitoring feature (optional)
  • Programmable output up to 10,000 points
  • Built-in USB mass storage device
  • Channel expansion through synchronous operation

The most stable and accurate device for the most sensitive and demanding applications

The GS200 is Yokogawa's premier mid-range source measure unit. Combining accuracy, ease of use, and endless functionality, you can rely on the unit for its:

Limitless Applications

  • From traditional semiconductor characterization to quantum computing, the GS200 is purposely designed to handle increasingly complex scenarios
  • Source and sink in all four quadrants; generate endless combinations of test scenarios
  • Generate pulse width modulation, ramp, step, and arbitrary waveforms

Ease of Use

  • Use as a storage device or integrate into an automated test system
  • Upload and download setup files, test patterns, and test results with a simple press of a button
  • No programming or software development required

Accuracy Without Compromise 

  • Featuring extremely low-noise current and voltage sourcing capabilities, the GS200 provides the perfect stimulus whether used for a short while or several days
  • Synchronize multiple units to boost voltage or current without losing accuracy or resolution

High Accuracy and High Resolution Output

Each DC voltage/current source in the GS200 series uses two DACs to generate highly accurate voltage and current at a high resolution. It is highly stable whether it is used for a short or long period of time and features superb linearity over all the ranges. Moreover, it produces extremely low noise.

High accuracy:
±0.016% of setting + 240 μV (at 10 V range for one year)
±0.03% of setting + 5 μA (at 100 mA range for one year)

High stability:
±0.001% of setting + 20 μV (at 10 V range for one day)
±0.004% of setting + 3 μA (at 100 mA range for one day)

High resolution:
100 nV (VDC, 10 mV range)
10 nA (1 mA range)

Low noise:
100 μVp-p (10 V range, DC to 10 kHz)
3 μAp-p (100 mA range, DC to 10 kHz)

The GS200 features 5 1/2-digit, ±120,000-count output resolution for both voltage and current sources. At the 100 mV and 10 mV source ranges, the GS200 uses its highly accurate voltage divider to achieve extremely low noise levels, in the order of μV. The minimum output resolution of 100 nV and low noise output enable you to make extremely small changes to the signal level.

Gs200 5 01

Source and Sink Operations

The GS200 can perform four-quadrant operation by operating as a current source or a current sink in the range of ±30 V and ±200 mA.

When the GS200 is sinking current, it can operate over the exact same range as when it is operating as a current source. You can use the GS200 not just as a highly accurate voltage source but also as a highly accurate constant-current electronic load.

Voltage ranges: 10 mV, 100 mV, 1 V, 10 V, and 30 V
Maximum output current: ±200 mA (at 1 V, 10 V, and 30 V ranges)
(A highly accurate voltage divider is used at the 10 mV and 100 mV ranges.)
Current ranges: 1 mA, 10 mA, 100 mA, and 200 mA
Maximum output voltage: ±30 V

Gs200 6

Gs200 7 01 Gs200 8 01

Seamless Bipolar Output

The GS200 bipolar output function inverts the signal polarity without the use of a mechanical contact. Thus, no abnormal voltage (or current) is generated when the polarity is inverted. This achieves truly continuous voltage variation from the maximum negative output to the maximum positive output. This feature is invaluable in the evaluation of zero-crossing comparators and in the output polarity inversion during program operation. Voltage or current glitches do not occur when the setting is changed within the same range.

Gs200 9 01

Simple Voltage and Current Monitoring Feature (Optional)

In addition to the GS200’s high accuracy voltage and current source features, it can also be equipped with an optional simple voltage and current monitoring feature. With this option, the GS200 can function as a current monitor when it is generating voltage and as a voltage monitor when it is generating current. The display resolution is 4 1/2 digits.
The measured values can be stored along with the source values in the internal memory (USB mass storage device).

Gs200 10

Gs200 11

Easy to Use

An up/down key has been provided below each of the 5 1/2 digits for setting the source so that any digit can be readily changed.
Changing the source value is easy, and increment/decrement resolution can also be set freely. This feature is invaluable during threshold level detection of the DUT and during measurements of V-I characteristics. In addition, the GS200’s high-resolution dot matrix VFD enables a large amount of information to be displayed. The GS200 also offers freely adjustable font sizes for improved readability and productivity. The GS200 has soft key menus for easy operation.

Gs200 12 01

Gs200 13 01

Easy Programming Using the USB Mass Storage Feature

You can define up to 10,000 steps of output values and stored these steps to USB memory. You can also set the output interval, settling time, and other settings.
If you connect the GS200 to a PC, the PC will detect the GS200 internal memory as an external storage medium (USB mass storage device). You can easily drag data from the PC to the GS200 internal memory.
In addition, you can enter and edit output data using the GS200 keys.
On models with the monitoring option, the measured data is stored to the internal memory along with the output data. You can easily drag the measured data from the GS200 to the PC. You can use the GS200 as a simple V-I curve tracer or data logger.

Gs200 14 01

Channel Expansion through Synchronous Operation

By using multiple GS200s in synchronous operation, you can expand the number of channels that are available.
It is easy to apply voltages and monitor currents simultaneously on multiple pins. There is no need for synchronous control circuits or complicated wiring.
The source and monitored values are saved in CSV format to the internal memory (USB mass storage device) of each GS200. By collecting and merging these files, you can view a list of the relationships between the voltages and currents of multiple channels.

Gs200 15 02


Gs200 16 01

Rear Panel

Gs200 17 01

701901 BNC to Safety Banana 1.8m Cable, 1:1

  • 701901 BNC to Safety Banana 1.8m Cable, 1:1
  • 1000 Vrms-CAT II, 1.8 m long
  • Safety BNC(male) to safety banana(female)
  • 701959, 701954, 758921, 758922, 758929

701902/701903 Safety BNC to BNC Cable 1m/2m

  • 701902/701903 Safety BNC to BNC Cable for oscilloscope
  • Safe, high-voltage measurements with DL350, DL950, and SL1000 isolated input modules 
  • 701902: 1000 Vtms-CAT II (BNC-BNC), 1 m
  • 701903: 1000 Vrms-CAT II (BNC-BNC), 2 m

366922 BNC to Banana (Male) Adapter

Banana-plug (male)-BNC adapter. Use for circuits having voltage levels no greater than 42 V.

758917 DMM Measurement Lead Set

  • Set of 0.8m long red and black multimeter test leads
  • Used in combination with a pair of optional 758922 or 758929 alligator-clip adapters
  • 1000 Vrms, 32 Arms CAT II

758921 Fork terminal adapter

  • 758921 Fork Terminal Adapters
  • For fitting a 4mm banana plug to a fork terminal
  • One black and one red clip
  • 1000 Vrms-CAT II

758922 Small Alligator-Clip Adapter 300V

Rated at 300 V. Attaches to the 758917 test leads. Sold in pairs.

751512 Banana (Male) to Binding Post Adapter

Safety-terminal-binding-post adapter. Use for circuits having voltage levels no greater than 42 V.

758923 Spring Hold Safety Terminal Adapter Set

Two adapters in a set (spring-hold type).

758924 BNC to Banana Conversion Adapter

For conversion between BNC and female banana plug
Applicable for DL750/DL750P, SL1000 & SL1400.

758929 Large Alligator Clip Adapter 1000V

  • Yokogawa 758929 Alligator Clip Adapter 
  • Rated at 1000V
  • Attaches to 758917 test leads
  • Sold in pairs black/red

758931 Screw-Fastened Safety Voltage Terminal Adapter Set

Screw-fastened adapters. Two adapters in a set. 1.5 mm Allen Wrench.

758933 Measurement lead

2 pieces (red and black) in 1 set
length: 1.00 m
Used in combination with the 701959, 758921, 758922, or 758929
Rating: 1000 V CAT III/19 A

701959 Safety mini clip (hook type)

Set contains one black and one red clip. 1000 Vrms-CAT II.

751533-E2 Rack mounting kit

RACK MOUNTING KIT For an EIA-compliant Single-housing Rack

751533-J2 Rack mounting kit

RACK MOUNTING KIT For a JIS-compliant Single-housing Rack

751534-E2 Rack mounting kit

RACK MOUNTING KIT For an EIA-compliant Dual-housing Rack

751534-J2 Rack mounting kit

RACK MOUNTING KIT For a JIS-compliant Dual-housing Rack


To realize working Josephson junction-based qubits requires a current source with low noise and high accuracy, stability and resolution.  Click below to learn how the Yokogawa GS200 Precision DC Voltage / Current Source fulfils these requirements for the experimental quantum computing setups of Princeton University’s Dr Andras Gyenis.

Application Note

Source measure units are versatile devices that can precisely source, as well as monitor voltage and current. Because of this, there are numerous applications where these devices find use cases. 


Source measure units combine the best features of power supplies and digital multimeters and have numerous applications ranging from battery simulators, semiconductor characterization, and efficiency testing on power electronics. 


The GP-IB command of the GS200 DC Voltage / Current Source shares the same mode as the 7651. It can be switched to 488.2 mode.


This is a list of command mnemonics which can be used to describe the GS610 Source Measure Unit program pattern file.○:Setting has changed successfully△:Setting has been received but failed×:Setting has not been ...


The following attached document details the typical output noise of the GS200 Voltage / Current Source from DC to 20 MHz.


The GS610/GS820 Multi Channel Source Measure Unit output is insulated from the cover case. Therefore, if you want to amplify the output voltage more than 1 unit (or 1 ch) you must connect the system in series. If you want to increase the output ...

Unfortunately, we cannot upgrade a GS200 to add the /MON option. The GS series instruments, which includes the GS610 and GS820, cannot be retrofitted or upgraded with new options after the initial purchase. All ...
No, the GS610 and the GS820 cannot be used solely as a DMM to measure only voltage. This is because the Sense terminal cannot be separated from the Output terminal on the instrument. The GS Series uses the Output ...

The AC Power Input in all Yokogawa instruments is designed as a 3-pin connection (one of which is a GND pin). In some parts of the world, PCs are sold with AC power cables that are 2-pin. Often times this means the ...


It is possible to connect multiple GS units in series/parallel connections to boost the maximum voltage/current, provded the values are within the range of maximum voltage/current of those limiters. To amplify the ...

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