DL950 ScopeCorder Data Acquisition Recorder

Versatility to Discover More

The DL950 is a unique combination of a mixed signal oscilloscope and portable data acquisition recorder that can be used to capture both high speed transient events and long run trends

Only a ScopeCorder has the right combination of channel count, input types, triggering, and recording to tackle the job of electromechanical systems development and troubleshooting. With its multiple measurement types, excellent performance, and high reliability, the DL950 ScopeCorder will quickly become the most valued instrument in your lab.

Insight into the finest waveform details

  • 200 MS/s high-speed sample rate
  • 8 G points large memory
  • Long recording to internal flash memory at 20 MS/s
  • 10 Gbps Ethernet high-speed data transfer
  • Up to 16-bit analog resolution

DL950 ScopeCorder Touch Screen | Yokogawa Test&Measurement

Versatility to discover more

  • 8 input module slots
  • Up to 160 synchronized channels
  • A variety of isolated plug-in modules

Easy to use

  • Newly designed application menu
  • 12.1-inch large touch screen

Like a high speed DAQ or long memory Oscilloscope

New high-speed module and 10 Gbps Ethernet

200 MS/s 14 Bit Isolation Module

Accurately captures switching waveforms of inverters and fastmoving noises around the power supply.

  • Isolated input of up to 1000 V
  • ADC resolution 14 bit
  • Wide band of 40 MHz
  • Up to 20 seconds of continuous acquisition
10 GE data transfer (/C60 option) 

Using 10 Gbps Ethernet, up to 20 MS/s of data can be stored in real time on a PC. An SFP+ module, a fiber optic cord, and the PC software IS8000 are used for data transfer. *Please use a commercially available SFP+ module and a 10 GE fiber optic cord.When transferring files, high speed transfer is not possible.


Versatile and integrated measurements

Multi-unit and instrument synchronous measurement

Multi-unit synchronization of up to 160-CH (/C50 option)

The number of channels can be extended up to 160 by connecting up to four sub units to a single main unit with optical fiber cords. Synchronize measure start/stop, trigger, and sample clock of the sub units from the main unit.

Multi-unit synchronization of up to 160-CH (/C50 option)

IEEE1588*/IRIG and GPS time synchronization (/C35, /C40 option)

Time synchronization with IEEE1588 signals is available. With the /C40 option, the DL950 can output IEEE1588 master signals. Time synchronization using IRIG and GPS is also available (/C35 option).

Applications *Please use the Optical Transceiver Module 720941 and the Fiber Optic Cord 720942

  • Battery cell evaluation
  • Multi-point vibration analysis
  • Multi-point strain test


Application-Driven Menu

Easy access to frequently-used applications

Touch any application icon and the graphical setup screen appears. Intuitively change the settings prior to measurement by following the wizard screen.

Motor and inverter test

Motor dq analysis functionMotor dq analysis function (/MT1 option)

The /MT1 option calculates Park and Clarke transformations in the DL950 from battery DC voltage/current, three-phase motor voltage/ current, and motor rotation information.
It can be combined with motor parameters, power measurement, and harmonic analysis.
A single DL950 can also integrate other measurements such as vibration, temperature, and CAN monitoring.

DL950 ScopeCorder Power and Harmonics Analysis | Yokogawa Test&MeasurementPower and harmonics analysis (/G05 option)

A single DL950 is all you need to evaluate a system with battery-driven motors, such as an EV. The DL950 calculates the conversion efficiency from the input and output power of the inverter and analyzes the effects of harmonics caused by external disturbances while capturing mechanical variations in motor speed and torque.

DL950 ScopeCorder Encoder Rotary Angle | Yokogawa Test&MeasurementEncoder rotary angle (/G03 or /G05 option)

The DL950 can calculate the rotation angle from the pulses output from an encoder and display the trend of the rotation angle as a waveform. The rotation angle and its control signal can be simultaneously observed and inspected for abnormalities.

Long term data recording

DL950 ScopeCorder Dual Capture Function | Yokogawa Test&MeasurementDual capture function

For durability testing, it is necessary to capture transient phenomena with a high-speed sample rate, even when monitoring low-speed data to visualize long-term trends. The dual capture function uniquely resolves these conflicting requirements by simultaneously recording at two different sample rates.

Physical phenomena analysis

DL950 ScopeCorder Strain Gauge Transducer Measurement | Yokogawa Test&MeasurementStrain gauge transducer measurement (/G03 or /G05 option)

Load, pressure, and acceleration can be measured by connecting a strain gauge-type transducer such as a load cell or torque sensor. This feature automatically calculates conversions from cumbersome calibration values and enables easy setting.

Power line analysis

DL950 ScopeCorder Power Line Abnormality Detection | Yokogawa Test&MeasurementPower line abnormality detection (Wave Window Trigger)

Special triggers are used to detect frequency fluctuations, voltage drops, and other phenomena that are difficult to detect with ordinary triggers. These triggers can also be used to detect typical power supply problems such as momentary power loss, sags, and surges.

8 G points large memory (/M2 option)

With up to 8 G points of memory and 20 seconds of continuous capturing, even at 200 MS/s, no signal changes are missed. *Up to 4 G points of memory is allocated per channel.

8 G points large memory (/M2 option)

SSD recording (/ST1 or /ST2 option)

The 512 GB internal SSD can record for long periods of time at up to 2 MS/s. Waveforms from dual capture can also be recorded, which is useful for in-vehicle endurance testing and capturing rare spontaneous events.

SSD recording (/ST1 or /ST2 option)

Flash acquisition (/ST2 option)

Long time recording at up to 20 MS/s, which is 100 times faster than the previous model, is available. You can capture data anywhere you cannot bring a PC such as on-vehicle or field testing. The flash memory is non-volatile, so the captured data stays in the instrument even after turning off the power. Data can later be transfered to a PC.

Flash acquisition (/ST2 option)

Deletion of the recorded data on the flash memory is not done for each recorded data but for all the data at once.
When transferring recorded data to a PC, please use the IS8000 or re-save the data in WDF format.

Multi-sample rates

Sample rates can be set by channel. Reducing the sample rate reduces the amount of data even when modules with high and low sample rates are mixed together. This allows for less memory space to be used and improves the transfer speed.

Summary of each recording mode

Summary of each recording mode

Real-time mathematical computation (/G03 or /G05 option)

Various calculations are performed on captured signals and the results are displayed on the screen in real time. Perform triggers, automatic waveform parameter measurements, and cursor measurements. Independent input channels, real-time calculation results of 32 input channels plus 16 real time math channels can be displayed and analyzed simultaneously.

History function

Any abnormalities occurring during repeated waveform measurement will have disappeared by the time they are noticed. Since the DL950 stores up to 5000 waveforms (history waveforms) in the acquisition memory, it is possible to go back and display the abnormal waveforms. Search for and easily find waveforms from the stored history waveforms and display only those that match specified conditions. Search conditions such as amplitude, frequency, or a zone that a waveform passes through or does not pass through can be specified.

Action on trigger and GO/NO-GO judgement

This performs multiple actions specified in advance when a trigger occurs, such as saving data file, buzzer and email transmission. Also, pass or fail (GO/NO-GO) determination can be performed based on waveform parameters, such as waveform shape or amplitude, and an action can be executed according to the determination results.

High noise resistance

The DL950 is designed to be resistant to noise and can measure waveforms correctly even when installed close to an inverter. If the touch panel malfunctions, simply turn off the touch panel and use the keys and jog dial to operate it.

Other functions

  • Recorder mode (set the record time and sample interval)
  • Up to eight power supplies for current probes (/P8 option)
  • Operation with a USB mouse, keyboard, and external printer

Example Applications

2-motor/4-motor system test for EV

In the development of Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs), a 2-motor or 4-motor system in which a motor is directly connected to each driving wheel is applied. This eliminates powertrains, which enhances the design and removes anxiety when driving a 4WD on a snowy road. The multi-channel/high-speed isolated DL950 can capture signals and analyze them at the same time in the multiple motor systems.

2-motor/4-motor system test for EV

High noise immunity

The DL950 measures the DC power on the battery side and the AC power on the 3-phase motor side at the same time. It simultaneously measures all inverters, including the power generation motor, and evaluates the conversion efficiency. With its high noise immunity, the DL950 minimizes the effect of switching noise generated by the inverters. CAN, CAN FD, LIN, and SENT signals from the ECU and the temperature rise in each part can be captured at the same time. Data can be saved in a MATLAB format as well. When an isolated module is used, there is isolation between the body and channels and isolation between channels, so that different points of common potential can be safely measured.

High noise immunity

Distributed energy resource test (renewable energy)

The DL950 supports renewable energy sources which contribute to a sustainable society. For wind turbines, the efficiency of power generation at multiple locations needs to be monitored in a time-synchronized manner. This can be done by GPS and IRIG. In addition, the DC/AC conversion efficiency for loading the DC power onto the grid can be accurately measured by the WT5000 high-precision power analyzer via IS8000. The power values and their trends can be analyzed.

Vibration analysis solution

All moving things are bound to have vibration. The DL950’s acceleration module allows for simultaneous capture of multiple vibration frequencies. Use the FFT function to analyze the frequencies and find abnormalities.

In-vehicle data measurement solution

The DL950/VCE option provides enhanced features and functions mainly for vehicle development and evaluation. Supporting 720245 CAN FD/LIN Monitor Module and 720243 SENT Monitor Module, the DL950 can display each protocol communication data of in-vehicle networks as trend waveforms on the monitor. It can also trigger on decoded waveforms.

Comparative verification between measured signals and CAN/CAN FD bus signals

The CAN/CAN FD bus data and related waveforms can be viewed on the same screen. For example, an ignition switch ON/OFF signal, a CAN FD signal corresponding to that command, and pressure signals can be checked on the same screen to verify the correlation between them.

Location and time information inclusion

By connecting an accessory GPS unit, information such as location (latitude, longitude, altitude, and so on) and time can be included in measurement data. Correlation between the location of a vehicle and power data, CAN data, or other types of data can be viewed during a vehicle drive test.

Utilization of vehicle-installed network definition files

The Symbol Editor is a software tool that makes it possible to define which physical values from the CAN/CAN FD or LIN bus data frame have to be trended as waveform data on the display of the ScopeCorder. The Symbol Editor can accept vehicle-installed network definition files (CAN DBC, LIN LDF).

Intuitive control panel and connectivity

Intuitive control panel and connectivity


DL950 ScopeCorder Interface Yokogawa Test Measurement List


DL950 ScopeCorder Side Panel Interface Yokogawa Test Measurement


DL950 ScopeCorder Side Panel Interface Yokogawa Test Measurement List

Integrated measurement with multiple instruments

Integrated measurement with multiple instruments

Integrated measurement software platform IS8000

The IS8000 enables synchronized measurements with DL950s, Yokogawa power meters, other manufacturers’ high-speed cameras, and other equipment. It supports measurement setting, remote monitoring, comparative analysis, and MDF file saving to reduce test system development time.

High-precision synchronized measurement of power values and waveform data

The WT5000 high-precision power analyzer and DL950 support the IEEE1588 standards. This allows measured power values and transient physical quantities to be synchronized with an error of less than 10 μs and displayed on the IS8000. It is effective for efficiency evaluation and ECU design, which are essential for designing more efficient motor inverters.

PC streaming

By combining the DL950 and IS8000, data can be recorded directly into a PC‘s storage in real time. Using 10 Gbps Ethernet enables recording at up to 20 MS/s per channel.

  • DL950
  • Evaluating and designing the Electric Power Steering (EPS)
  • Multi-channel simultaneous measurement
  • Real-time calculation






  • IS8000 Integrated Software Platform
  • Measure current waveform using oscilloscope

Product Overviews


    The IS8000 Integrated Software Platform software platform is an integrated solution that accelerates engineering workflow. It is a revolutionary software that tightly integrates the timing, control, and data collection from multiple instruments, creating a comprehensive measurement suite that delivers confidence, efficiency, and unity.

    Product Overview

    Test and measurement engineering work groups can have differing priorities and requirements, which often results in multiple instrumentation systems and data file formats, as well as incompatible reporting. This lack of effective communication between groups and instruments causes decreased efficiency and quality and increased spending and time to market. Unify test and measurement instrumentation, software, and data across engineering teams with a suite of solutions that caters to the different needs of engineering work groups, including accurate power data, fast sampling rates, long recordings of multiple different input types, and insights into waveform data.



    Looking for a turnkey high-speed data transfer solution with better bandwidth and minimal manual overhead?

    The 10Gb Ethernet option on the Yokogawa Test&Measurement DL950 ScopeCorder fits that very role and makes capturing and recording high-speed data seamless and convenient.

    Record data at 50 times the speeds of traditional Ethernet and USB connections and automatically transfer data to your PC in a single step using the IS8000 Integrated Software Platform.


    CAN Bus communication is widely used in the transportation industry where reliable transmission of data is paramount. Monitoring and recording these communications can be easier when using the proper instruments. In this video, a Yokogawa Test&Measurement Applications Engineer demonstrates how to setup the DL950 ScopeCorder to read the temperature of a motor drive alongside its voltage and current output.


    The multi-unit synchronization option for the Yokogawa Test&Measurement DL950 ScopeCorder lets you time synchronize up to five DL950 ScopeCorders, for up to 160 channels of voltage, current, temperature, strain measurements, and more. This video walks you through how to set up and connect the multiple DL950 ScopeCorders, take measurements, and pull the data from all of the instruments for analysis with the IS8000 Integrated Test and Measurement Software Platform.


    Having multiple memory options allows engineering groups to optimize how data is stored, no matter if you need to record for a long time at slower sampling rates, do a fast capture at high sampling rates, or anything in between.

    The Yokogawa Test&Measurement DL950 ScopeCorder operates as an oscilloscope and incorporates the ability to record data for long periods of time like a data acquisition recorder. There are four memory types on the DL950 ScopeCorder: internal memory, solid state drive, flash memory, and PC storage through the IS8000 Integrated Test and Measurement Software Platform. This videos talks about the advantages of each of these and how to pick the best data recording method for you.


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