Why Can't Xviewer save WDF Files?

When WDF files are opened in Xviewer, Xviewer creates a temporary hidden file and will remember all setting changes made to the WDF file. Therefore any changes made to the WDF file prior to exiting out of Xviewer will not be lost. You can reopen the WDF file to recover the file condition at the time of exiting Xviewer.


However, if you copy the WDF file to another PC, this PC will not have a copy of the hidden file. Therefore Xviewer will open the original WDF file without applying any of the setting changes.


To save a WDF file in Xviewer, please perform one of the following methods listed below:


1. When using the same PC to open the WDF file, please close the WDF file without attempting to perform a File -> Save-As. Xviewer will automatically save any changes made. 


2. When copying the WDF file to another PC, please save the Setting File (.xml) in the Save-As menu and then close the WDF file. When you open the WDF file on the second PC, please open the Setting File (.xml) to apply the file changes.


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