AQ2200-651 SG Module (DISCONTINUED)

Notice: This product was discontinued on Mar 31, 2021.

The AQ2200-651 Signal Generator module reduces the complexity and cost of 10G optical transceiver testing by combining Signal Generation functions into the same mainframe that provides bus and power control while performing BERT and Optical testing. This allows a single programming interface to control all aspects of the transceiver test, simplifying test setup, decreasing test time and increasing productivity. The wiring complexity and test bench size are reduced by replacing up to 5 Signal Generators with a single module.

Switchable two clock ranges

  • 620.0 to 720.0MHz
  • 155.0 to 180.0MHz

Synchronize with external equipment

  • 10MHz reference Input/Output
Application Note

This system does not require manual reconfiguration of optical paths and adjustments of EDFA input power, and that improves measurement throughput and avoids a human error.

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