SL1000 High-Speed Data Acquisition Unit (Software/Firmware Bundle)


This software/firmware bundle is intended to upgrade the SL1000 data acquisition unit and software to the latest version.



Please read installation procedures throughout before performing the installation. Each zip file contains the program file and an installation procedure.


Revision History

Suffix Code Content Version
Acquisition software Firmware
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the execution of strain balancing for slaves only.
  • Bug fixed for some 701250 with calibration error.
  • A couple of minor bugs are fixed.
2.42 2.41
  • Bundled Xviewer V1.85
  • Added support of averaging (displaying and saving) History data
2.41 2.40
  • Bundled Xviewer V1.82
  • Added support for new modules (720250, 720266, 720268, 720181).
  • Added support for Windows 10.
2.40 2.40

Previous version 



Downloads for the SL1000 High Speed Data Acquisition Unit (software /firmware bundle) have been temporarily suspended.

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