Quantum Computing

Quantum computers have the potential to address challenges of much greater complexity than what today's computers can solve, helping achieve advancements in science, technology, medicine, and more. This all begins with creating and initializing qubits, or quantum bits. Yokogawa offers a highly stable, low noise current source to create the magnetic field required in quantum computing to initialize these extremely sensitive qubits.

Quantum qubits are built up from Josephson junctions which, when integrated in a closed loop, are highly sensitive to small changes in the external magnetic field passing through the loop​. The magnetic field must be finely tuned so the quantized energy levels can be smoothly transformed, a crucial part of initializing a quantum computer.

GS200 - Yokogawa's Quantum Computing Solution

Current is applied through a wire from a DC current source to produce the magnetic field to initialize the qubits. Yokogawa's GS200 is a low voltage/current DC source with high accuracy, high stability, and high resolution, making for an ideal DC current source. With its excellent traceability, stability, and 5 1/2-digit resolution, the GS200 generates extremely low-noise DC voltage and current signals that are required for many applications. Additionally, the optional monitoring feature turns the GS200 into a voltage and current measuring instrument.

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Key Features

Low Noise

  • 100 uVp-p (10 V range, DC to 10 kHz)​
  • 3 uAp-p (100 mA range, DC to 10 kHz)

Noise waveform example at 0 V output in 10 V output range (observed using a 1000 times amplifier with a 10 kHz band-limiting filter)

High Stability

  • +/- 0.001% of setting + 20 uV (at 10 V range for one day)​
  • +/- 0.004% of setting + 3 uA (at 100 mA range for one day)​
  • The stability is specified out to 90 days

Example of 1 hour stability in output 200 mA range (as reference data)



To realize working Josephson junction-based qubits requires a current source with low noise and high accuracy, stability and resolution.  Click below to learn how the Yokogawa GS200 Precision DC Voltage / Current Source fulfils these requirements for the experimental quantum computing setups of Princeton University’s Dr Andras Gyenis.


Source measure units combine the best features of power supplies and digital multimeters and have numerous applications ranging from battery simulators, semiconductor characterization, and efficiency testing on power electronics. 

Product Overviews


    Introducing the new Yokogawa Test&Measurement AQ6380 Optical Spectrum Analyzer. This new OSA includes many sought-after features including:

    • An unprecedented 5 pm wavelength resolution
    • ±5 pm wavelength accuracy
    • 1200 nm to 1650 nm wavelength range
    • 65 dB wide close-in dynamic range
    • 80 dB stray light suppression
    • Automated wavelength calibration
    • Gas purging
    • DUT-oriented interface and test apps
    • Backward-compatible remote interface
    • 10.4in intuitive touchscreen
    • Up to 20x faster measurement
    • Remote operation capabilities


    From visible light to telecommunication bands and even up to applications in the 2000nm region, optical testing professionals count on the Yokogawa Test&Measurement optical testing family of products. For decades, these precision-based optical measuring instruments have met and exceeded the needs of many customers’ experimental requirements. Applicable to a range of uses in R&D, manufacturing, and academia, Yokogawa Test&Measurement OSAs, OTDRs, OWMs, modular manufacturing test systems, and more deliver quality, consistency, ease of use, and market leadership for all manner of optical test applications.

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