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IS8000 Integrated Software Platform Updates

Two new options, Serial Bus Analysis Option (SB1) and Modbus/TCP Communication Option (MB1) have been released.

The new version of the software platform,, has been released and includes support for the DLM5000HD Series High Definition Oscilloscope.

DLM5000HD Series High-Definition Oscilloscope

Added new oscilloscope lineup that offers 12 bit vertical resolution and multi-channel measurement

This is particularly beneficial for developers of next-generation inverters, enabling the accurate observation of minute changes in high-speed signals.

AQ6370E High performance optical spectrum analyzer

Equally suitable for industry, universities and research institutions, the AQ6370E can be used to characterize a wide range of components, including lasers for optical communications, optical transceivers, and optical amplifiers.

AQ6373E Optical Spectrum Analyzer
AQ6374E Optical Spectrum Analyzer

The two high performance optical spectrum analyzer covering visible range

Suitable for various measurement applications,the development of industrial laser modules,basic research at universities and research institutes and so on

New ScopeCorder module 720245 CAN FD/LIN Monitor Module

Use the CAN FD/LIN Monitor Module to decode the CAN FD or LIN-Bus signals.
This provides strong support for the development and evaluation of passenger cars, trucks, and ships.

Product Training Modules

Want to get the best out of your new investment? Introducing our NEW set of individual Product Training Modules that will allow you to get familiar and quickly learn how to use your instrument to get the results you want.

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