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Accurate power measurements guarantee transformer efficiency

Giving each customer a product that matches the design specifications is really important for S.E.A. Both accurate and precise measurements are needed to verify the performance of the transformer for each customer. This case study shows you how the power measurements of the WT5000 contribute in reaching that goal.

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Yokogawa launches highly accurate and stable digital manometer.

MT300 satisfies the high accuracy measurement and long-term stability requirements of advanced pressure applications that require high precision gauge, absolute and differential pressure measurements.

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Waveform data streaming now available on world's most accurate power analyzer

The WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer has been further enhanced with a waveform data streaming option that brings significant benefits when measuring the efficiency or energy consumption of electronic devices being developed for environmentally friendly applications.

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Power Calibration Services

When your power application demands high accuracy and precision, go for certainty, performance and ISO17025 accredited power calibration, up to 100 kHz!

Want to know all about electric and hybrid vehicle testing?

Want to know all about electric and hybrid vehicle testing?

Every automotive engineer wants to achieve low overall emissions, maximum efficiency, longer travel distances, and high reliability. With this eBook you explore the key areas for extracting efficiencies within the automotive system of electric and hybrid vehicles. And you can start direct with the recommendations of measurement solutions based on application use case.

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Whether it is at home and office or how we travel between them; how we generate energy and operate within our industries; how we communicate and connect or care for our environment and each other; precision measurement is vital for innovation and progress.

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