Clamp-on Tester CL255 (True RMS, AC/DC 2000A)

  • True RMS display
  • AC/DC current measurements with current ranges up to 2000A
  • AC/DC voltage and resistance measurements
  • DC output
  • 55mm in diameter of measurable conductor
  • Sleep function
  • Data hold function
  • Approved for conformity to safety standards EN61010-1,EN61010-2-031, EN61010-2-032 (CAT. III 600 V, CAT. II 1000 V)
Description True RMS ACA, DCA, ACV, DCV
Method of detection True RMS
Display LCD (Digital display: 3999 counts)
DC Current Range 400/2000A
DC Current Resolution 0.1A
Response Time Approx. 1 second (on DC current/voltage range)
Approx. 2 seconds (AC current/voltage range, resistance range)
Range Switching Auto-range
Operating temperature and humidity 0 - 40°C, 85% RH or less (no condensation)
Influence of external magnetic field 4A or less at 400 A/m
Influence of conductor position ±(1.5% rdg + 3 dgt) or less
Safety Standard Conforms EN61010-1, EN61010-2-031, EN61010-2-032
Circuit voltage 1000 Vrms or less
Withstanding voltage 5.55 kV AC for one minute
Power Supply 6F22 (006P) 9V x 1
6LR61 x 1
Battery Life Approx. 15 hours (continuous)
Consumed current Approx. 15 mA
Sleep Function Automatically powered down in about 10 minutes after the last switch operation
Diameter of measurable conductor 55 mm at maximum
Dimensions Approx. 105 (W) x 250 (H) x 49 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 540 g
Accessories Batteries, carrying case (93034)
Output plug (98012)
Test Lead (98011)
User's manual (IM CL250)
Peak Hold On current / Voltage range


AC Current Range 400/2000A
AC Current Resolution 0.1A
AC Current Frequency characteristics 30~1kHz
AC Current Method of detection True RMS
AC Voltage Measurement O
DC Voltage Measurement O
Continuity Check Measurement O
Frequency Measurement O
Temperature Measurement -
Recorder output Function O
Waveform monitor output Function -
Data hold Function O
Auto hold Function -
Peak Hold Function O
Maximum value memory Function -
Mean value display Function O
Filter Function -
Range Hold Function -
Auto ZERO Adjust Function O
Auto power-off Function Δ


At 23°C±5°C,75%RH or less
Accuracy: ±( % rdg + dgt) = ±(% readout + value of least significant digit)

Parameter Reference Accuracy
DC current 400/2000A 1.5+2
AC current 400A/2000A (150~1700A) 1.5+3 (50/60Hz)
3.0+4 (30~1kHz)
2000A (1701~2000A) 1.0+2
DC voltage 40/400/1000V 3.5+3 (50/60Hz)
AC voltage 40/400/750V 1.0+2
1.5+3 (50/60Hz)
2.0+4 (30~1kHz)
Crest factor   ≦3
Resistance 400/4000Ω 1.5+2 , Beeps at below 20Ω (continuity check)
Frequency 10~3999Hz 1.5+5
DC output DC400A (0~400mV) ±1.5% rdg ±3mV
DC2000A (15~200mV) ±1.5% rdg ±3mV
AC400A (0~400mV)
/AC2000A (15~170mV/150~1700A)
±1.5% rdg ±3mV (50/60Hz)
±3.0% rdg ±3mV (40~1kHz)
AC2000A (170.1~200mV/1701~2000A) ±3.5% rdg ±3mV (50/60Hz)
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