Optical Wavelength Meter

An Optical Wavelength Meter measures the peak wavelength(s) of an optical signal with extreme precision, often to picometer and sub picometer accuracy.

The use of proven Michelson interferometer technology coupled with an advanced FFT algorithm allows measurement of modulated and non-modulated signals from an optical transceiver. A flexible display can measure and display a single or multiple wavelengths (such as from a DWDM system) in a single operation.

Our Optical Wavelength Meter offers an industry first extended life internal reference laser to maximize the usage time between intrusive maintenance tasks in today's demanding high speed optical R&D, as well as manufacturing applications.

The AQ6150B series standard model measures the wavelength and power levels of both CW and Modulated optical signals from Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) components, transceivers, and transmission systems for metro, long haul, and access network applications with high speed data rates of 10G, 40G, 100G and beyond.


This paper describes a compact optical channel monitor and a delayed interferometer having free-space optical elements such as lenses or mirrors, as an application of microoptics. These devices have been developed to be built into dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) transmission systems. These optics use a Gaussian beam which is emitted through single-mode optical fibers and located near the optical axis. This paper explains the optical designs of these devices based on the Gaussian beam's behavior.
SANPEI Yoshihiro*1  SUZUKI Yasuyuki*2   IEMURA Kouki*3   ASANO Junichirou*3

Communication and Measurement Business Headquarters, Optical Communication Measurement Development Department

*2Communication and Measurement Business Headquarters, Core Technology Development Department

*3Photonics Business Headquarters, Engineering Department IV


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