Digital Multimeters

Improve productivity with a wide selection of high-performing Yokogawa digital multimeters.

What is a digital multimeter used for? Digital multimeters (DMM meters) are used in a range of applications to measure multiple electrical values, including current, voltage, and resistance.

What is a digital multimeter? Examples of electrical digital multimeter applications include sensor and production testing, voltage reference testing, and research and development.

Yokogawa offers a variety of industry-standard multimeters, including handheld digital multimeters, bench-top digital VOM meters, and process multimeters, featuring high-speed data logging, high-resolution displays, and powerful analysis functions to provide high accuracy measurements. Compare our simple pocket digital multimeter to our high precision TY multimeter series and advanced bench-top DMMs. From the most reliable multimeter manufacturers, Yokogawa's top multimeters deliver quality performance to meet all your process expectations.

The DM7560 is a flexible 6.5-digit digital multimeter with high-accuracy, high-speed data logging (up to 30k S/s) with deep 100k reading memory and built-in statistical analysis. 


After a disastrous 2009, the large publicly held test companies enjoyed booming business in 2010.


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