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AQ6380 Optical Spectrum Analyzer

AQ6380: Yokogawa's Highest Resolution OSA

Meet the new highest performance optical spectrum analyzer from Yokogawa Test&Measurement. Its excellent optical wavelength resolution, accuracy, and close-in dynamic range specifications allow optical signals in close proximity to be clearly separated and precisely measured.

DL950 ScopeCorder

Versatility to Discover More

The new DL950 ScopeCorder high-speed data acquisition system analyzes electrical, physical sensor signals and serial buses. It offers a unique combination of high sampling rates for a detailed view and long recording time to monitor trends over time.

IS8000 Integrated Software Platform

The Power of One

IS8000 is a revolutionary new software that tightly integrates the timing, control, and data collection from multiple instruments, creating a comprehensive measurement platform that delivers confidence, efficiency, and unity.

Product Training Modules

Want to get the best out of your new investment? Introducing our NEW set of individual Product Training Modules that will allow you to get familiar and quickly learn how to use your instrument to get the results you want.

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