701265 High-Precision Temperature Input Module

Temperature/high-precision voltage Module (2 ch)
Thermocouple (K, E, J, T, L, U, N, R, S, B, W, iron-doped gold/chromel), high sensitivity range (0.1mV/div), and low noise (±4 µVtyp.)
Applicable to DL350, DL850 series, DL950 and SL1000.



Standard operating conditions Temperature: 23 ±5°C
Humidity: 20% to 80% RH
After a 30-minute warm-up and after calibration
Function Temperature (thermocouple) or voltage measurement (switchable)
Number of input channels 2
Input coupling TC, DC, and GND
  • TC: Temperature (thermocouple) measurement
  • DC: Voltage measurement (DC coupling)
Data update rate 500Hz
Measurement range/accuracy1 [Voltage measurement]
Voltage sensitivity: 100 µV/div to 10 V/div (1-2-5 steps)
Voltage accuracy: ±(0.08% of 10 div + 2µV)

[Temperature measurement]2


Measurement Range


-200 to 1300°C
-200 to 800°C
-200 to 1100°C
-200 to 400°C
-200 to 900°C
-200 to 400°C
0 to 1300°C
±(0.1% of reading + 1.5°C)
Except ±(0.2% of reading + 1.5°C)
for –200°C to 0°C
0 to 1700°C
0 to 1700°C
±(0.1% of reading + 3°C)
Except, 0 to 200°C: ±8°C
200 to 800°C: ±5°C
B 0 to 1800°C ±(0.1% of reading + 2°C)
Except, 400 to 700°C: ±8°C
Effective range is 400 to 1800°C
W 0 to 2300°C ±(0.1% of reading + 3°C)
Au7Fe3 0 to 300K 0 to 50K: ±4K
50 to 300K: ±2.5K
Frequency characteristics1
(–3 dB point when a sine wave of amplitude ±3 div is applied)
[Voltage measurement] DC to 100 Hz
[Temperature measurement] DC to 100 Hz
Maximum input voltage4
(at a frequency of 1 kHz or less)
Both temperature and voltage input: 42 V (DC + ACpeak)
Maximum allowable common mode voltage5
(at a frequency of 1 kHz or less)
Both temperature and voltage input: 42 V (DC+ACpeak) (CAT II, 30 Vrms)
Vertical resolution [Voltage measurement] During voltage input: 2400 LSB/div
[Temperature measurement] When measuring temperature: 0.1°C
–3 dB point when AC coupled low frequency attenuation point [Voltage measurement] 0.5 Hz or less
Input connector Binding post
Input impedance Approx. 1 MΩ
Common mode rejection ratio [Voltage measurement] 80 dB (50/60 Hz) or more (typical6)
[Temperature measurement] 120 dB or more (50/60 Hz, with 2-Hz filter ON, signal source resistance of 500 Ω or less) (typical6)
Residual noise level
(Input section shorted)
[Voltage measurement]: ±4 µV or ±0.01 div, whichever is greater (Typical6)
A/D conversion resolution [Voltage measurement] 16 bits (2400 LSB/div)
Temperature coefficient [Voltage measurement] Zero point: ±(0.01% of 10 div)/°C + 0.05µV/°C (typical6)
Gain: ±(0.02% of 10 div)/°C (typical6)
Reference junction compensation accuracy (when the input terminal temperature is balanced) K, E, J, T, L, U, N: ±1°C
R, S, B, W: ±1.5°C
Au7Fe: ±1K
Bandwidth limit (digital filter) Select from OFF, 30 Hz, 8 Hz, and 2 Hz
Input bias current 20 nA or less
The zero point appears to be offset when the input is open due to the effects of bias current on this module. However, this is not a malfunction.
Connect the input to the object to be measured.

1. Value measured under standard operating conditions.
2. Does not include the reference junction temperature compensation accuracy.
3. This module supports Au7Fe with 0.07% metal content with respect to gold.

6. The typical value is a representative or standard value. It is not strictly warranted.

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