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Next-Gen LiDAR Concepts Webinar

This webinar covers operation principles and challenges of different LiDAR concepts, a brief discussion on the LiDAR market, and a review of critical optical components such as photodetectors and sources. Co-presented with Jake Q. Li of Hamamatsu.

Advanced Motor and Drive Analysis Webinar | Yokogawa Test&Measurement

Advanced Motor and Drive Analysis

Discover comprehensive test and measurement solutions including computations for field-oriented control, correlations in frequency domain, integration of CAN bus communications, avoiding "gotchas" of inverter-based measurements, and more.

Unify Data Across Engineering Work Groups with The Power of One

Unify test and measurement instrumentation, software, and data across work groups, including accurate power data, fast sampling rates, long recordings of multiple different input types, and insights into waveform data.

AQ6380 OSA 2022 Lightwave Innovation Reviews

AQ6380 Highest Performance Optical Spectrum Analyzer Recognized by 2022 Lightwave Innovation Reviews

Yokogawa Test&Measurement is pleased to announce that the AQ6380 Highest Performance OSA has received the highest score, 4.5/5.0, in the Lab/Production Test Equipment class by 2022 Lightwave Innovation Reviews.

IS8000 Version 1.3 Update

IS8000 Integrated Software Platform Version 1.3 Update

The latest update to the IS8000 Integrated Software Platforms supports the DL950 ScopeCorder's new “Flash Acquisition” function and has enhanced linking functions with the WT series of precision power analyzers, DL series of ScopeCorders, and DLM series of mixed signal oscilloscopes.

DL950 ScopeCorder New Feature

DL950 ScopeCorder New Feature: Flash Acquisition

Flash Acquisition, the newest feature release for the DL950 ScopeCorder, allows users to capture data at up to 20 MS/s anywhere there is not access to a PC, such as on-vehicle or field testing.

Laval University Photonics Case Study

Laval University Case Study

Researchers needed a faster, more efficient solution for spectral performance of lasers and optics beyond traditional MWIR wavelengths, up to 5.5 um. Read how productivity increased for characterization of laser sources, and active/passive optical components for communications, medical diagnosis, advanced optical sensing, and environmental and atmospheric sensing.

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