1500 Amp Peak Current Transformer System IN

The Current Transformer System consists of a 19-Inch Rack Mount Power Supply/Signal Conditioning unit, up to six CTs, and a 5- Meter Signal Cable for each CT. 

What is a Current Transformer?

Consisting of a closed core and windings, an electrical current transformer is a static device that can multiply or reduce alternating currents to protect and measure power systems, mostly high alternating currents.

Current Transformer Working Principle

What is the principle of a current transformer? Current transformers operate to convert large primary currents into small secondary currents based on the law of electromagnetic induction. The external voltage applied to the primary winding causes a magnetic circuit around the coil and perpendicular to the current. The output value of the voltage is obtained through the secondary winding attached to a voltmeter.

Types of Current Transformers

  • Window Current Transformers
  • Bar Current Transformers
  • Wound Current Transformers

Number of Channels

up to 6

Current Range (peak or dc)


Current Transfer Ratio


Output Current

667mA at 1500A rated primary current

Frequency Response (from DC) (small signal, +/-3dB, unless otherwise stated)

DC to 440kHz



*1-These Current Transformers are manufactured by LEM Instruments and sold by Yokogawa Corporation of America. All data is in accordance with manufacturers specifications and is subject to change and correction.mode

Model Description
M1114FA Single-Channel System
M1114FB 2-Channel System
M1114FC 3-Channel System
M1114FD 4-Channel System
M1114FE 5-Channel System
M1114FF 6-Channel System

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