AC/DC Current Sensors: CT2000A, CT1000A, CT200, CT60

In some power measurement applications, the current in the device under test is higher than what can be applied directly to the power analyzer current input terminals. Current transformers are used to step down high AC and DC currents to a lower level that can be measured directly by the power analyzer. These systems safely step down currents while preserving the highest accuracy.

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Common Specifications of Precision Current Transformers

The CT family of Yokogawa Test&Measurement current transformers is rated for both AC and DC currents. The following table highlights some of the common specifications to help select the best option for different power measurement application needs.

Current Transformer Series Common Specifications | Yokogawa Test&Measurement

WT5000 - Precision Power Analyzer

  • Precision power analyzer with superior accuracy
  • 7 swappable input elements
  • 4 motor inputs
  • Harmonics test compliant to IEC 61000-3-2

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