701957/701958 D-Sub Bridge Heads 120Ω/350Ω

D-sub cable (5 m) included
Supports Shunt-Cal

Bridge resistance: 120Ω (701957)
  350Ω (701958)

Applicable for DL850 series, DL750/DL750P, SL1000 & SL1400.

What Does a D Sub Cable Do?

A D Sub cable is a common D-shaped electrical connector that goes into a D Sub port.

What is a D Sub Port Used For?

D Sub Ports are how some monitors connect to computers.

How to Connect D Sub Cable

The connector of the bridge head contains nine pins with different functions corresponding to their terminals. Check the shape and pin assignment of the connector before connecting the connector shell to the accessory cable B8023WP. See the full user's manual for a diagram of the bridge head connected to a measuring instrument (the DL750). Isolate the strain gauge before use. Do not connect the strain gauge terminal to any items with electric potential.

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