GP10/20 Touchscreen Portable Data Acquisition System

The GP10/20 portable data acquisition system is a touchscreen interface accompanied by a modular housing that enables the user to control and view measurements while away from a computer. Up to 450 channels of measurement can be performed, or if MATH and communication channels are included up to 1000.

  • User interface
    • Touchscreen display with pinch-in / pinch-out capabilities
    • Accessibility of historical trends during real-time analysis
    • Stylus capability for hand-written messages
    • Custom display for trend, numeric, and bar graphs
    • Multi-panel display (9 layouts and up to 20 configurations)
  • External data viewing through Ethernet or external memory (SD/USB)
  • Modular inputs and outputs for expandability
  • Measurement capability of up to 450 actual input channels in a multi-unit configuration, or 1000 if MATH and communication channels are added
  • Lightweigh (GP20 - 12 lbs, GP10 - 4.2 lbs)
  • Internal memory of up to 1.2 GB
  • Open front panel for easy insertion or removal of modules
  • 4 alarms per measurement channel: high limit, low limit, difference high limit, difference low limit, rate of change increase, rate of change decrease, delay high, delay low
  • Remote access available through web browser
  • Printable PDF reports





Construction Portable Portable
Display 12.1" TFT color LCD (800 × 600 dots) 5.7" TFT color LCD (640 × 480 dots)
Touchscreen 4 wire resistive touchscreen, 2-point touch detection
Max. no. of connectable modules 10 (When mounted on expansion module: 9) 3 (When mounted on expansion module: 2)
* The maximum number of connectable modules is limited by the maximum number of I/O channels, and differs depending on the types and combinations of modules.
Analog input channels Standard: 100, Large memory: 450 (with expansion unit) Standard: 30, 100 (with expansion unit)
No. of mathematical channels GP20-1: 100, GP20-2: 200 50
No. of communication channels Standard: 300, Large memory: 500 50
Internal memory (flash memory) Standard: 500 MB , Large memory: 1.2 GB 500 MB
External storage media SD memory card (up to 32 GB) (format: FAT32 or FAT16), 1 GB included
USB interface (/UH option): USB 2.0 compliant (external storage media: USB flash memory) (Keyboard/mouse: HID Class Ver. 1.1 compliant)
Communication functions Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX), IEEE802.3 compliant (Ethernet frame type: DIX),
Connecting configuration: Cascade max. 4 level (10BASE-T), max. 2 level (100BASE-TX), segment length: Max. 100 m,
E-mail inform function (E-mail client), FTP client function, FTP server function, Web server function,
SNTP client function, SNTP server function, DHCP client function
Modbus/TCP (client*/server functions) */MC option is required.
Options Serial communications (/C2: RS-232, /C3: RS-422 or RS-485), Modbus/RTU (master/slave functions), EtherNet/IP communication (/E1), WT communication (/E2), OPC-UA server (/E3), SLMP communication (Mitsubishi PLC) (/E4)
Other functions Security functions: Key lock function, login function
Clock functions: With calendar function, accuracy: ±5ppm (0 to 50°C)
LCD saver function
Rated supply voltage 100 to 240 VAC (allowable power supply voltage range: 90 to 132 VAC, 180 to 264 VAC)
12 VDC (allowable power supply voltage range: 10 to 20 VDC, only for a GP10 of power supply voltage code "2")
Rated supply frequency 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Max. 90 VA (100 VAC), max. 110 VA (240 VAC) Max. 45 VA (100 VAC), max. 60 VA (240 VAC)
Insulation resistance Between the Ethernet, RS-422/485, and each insulation terminal and earth: 20 MΩ or greater (at 500 VDC)
Withstand voltage Between the power terminal and earth: 3000 V AC (50/60 Hz) for one minute
External dimensions
Main Unit 288 × 318 × 197 (mm) 144 × 168 × 197 (mm)
Including modules 288 × 318 × 248 (mm) 144 × 168 × 248 (mm)
Weight (main unit only) Approx. 12 lbs Approx. 4.2 lbs
Model Name Measurement/Application Channels
GX90XA-10-U2 Analog input module DC voltage, DC current, thermocouple, RTD, contact (semiconductor relay scanner type) 10
GX90XA-10-L1 Low withstand voltage DC voltage, thermocouple, contact 10
GX90XA-10-T1 DC voltage, thermocouple, contact (electromagnetic relay scanner type) 10
GX90XA-10-C1 DC current (mA) 10
GX90XD Digital input module Remote control input or operation recording 16
GX90YD Digital output module Alarm output 6
GX90WD Digital input/output module Remote control input or operation recording/alarm output DI:8
GX90XP Pulse input Module Pulse signal data acquisition, integral count 10

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