AMS2750E standard for our smart DAQ Data recorders (GX GP GM)

In order to make our SmartDac recorders compliant with AMS2750E you do need to have the /AH and the /AS1 option installed, you will need NIST calibration. The /AH and /AS1 options will making doing the TUS reports far easier and is recommended if that is the customer's application.

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GM10 Modular Data Acquisition & Logging System

Yokogawa has worked to develop a full Data Acquisition System, a group of tools utilized to measure electrical and/or physical events.
The GM10 modular data acquisition and logging system utilizes an expandable housing linked to the module base. This design enables the use of a wide range of I/O modules, which can be expanded by one or more at a time. This data can be logged and changed in real time without additional software.

GP10/20 Touchscreen Portable Data Acquisition System

The GP10/20 portable data acquisition system is a touchscreen interface accompanied by a modular housing that enables the user to control and view measurements while away from a computer. Up to 450 channels of measurement can be performed, or if MATH and communication channels are included up to 1000.

Data Acquisition (DAQ)

Yokogawa data acquisition systems give you the most flexibility and power to measure, display, store, and even actuate any number of physical or electrical phenomena.