Low Speed DAQ & Industrial Recorders

Advanced software packages can be used with Yokogawa recorders, data acquisition instruments, and other measuring equipment to build an integrated PC-based data acquisition system. Ethernet communication interfaces support fast and easy connection to LAN environments, enabling remote monitoring applications and centralized back up services. Standard software for the configuration of measurement devices and applications offer easy set-up and minimizes preparation time. Yokogawa offers the right tools to simplify your applications.

SMARTDAC+TM GP10/GP20 is a paperless recorder that provides intuitive, human-centric design, web-enabled functionality, and scalable architecture.

For industrial and lab applications, the GM10 offers Bluetooth wireless connection and modular I/O that offers accurate and reliable measurements.

The latest software for building a data acquisition system without programming. Designed for maximum compatibility with Yokogawa recorders, data loggers, temperature controllers, and power monitors.

The GP10/20 portable data acquisition system is a touchscreen interface accompanied by a modular housing that enables the user to control and view measurements while away from a computer. Up to 450 channels of measurement can be performed, or if MATH and communication channels are included up to 1000.

  • Modular housing for <10 I/O modules
  • Multi-unit configuration measurement capability <420 input channels
  • Internal memory <1.2GB
  • Installation flexibility (no attachments required)
  • Multiple measurement channel alarms
  • IS8000 comprehensive test and measurement software
  • Accelerate engineering workflow 
  • Integrate timing, control, and data collection from multiple instruments

The VZ20X enables data from a variety of isolated inputs to be measured at once and eliminates the need for numerous data measurement devices.


High Resolution mode can be used to remove high frequency noise and increase vertical resolution. It achieves this by increasing the number of effective bits per data to 12-bits through digital and bandwidth filters.


The AC Power Input in all Yokogawa instruments is designed as a 3-pin connection (one of which is a GND pin). In some parts of the world, PCs are sold with AC power cables that are 2-pin. Often times this means the ...



    Learn how to log power measurement data continuously from a digital power analyzer when connecting it to a data recorder to easily and securely collect and synchronize voltage, current, harmonics, and power data for long periods of time, while also collecting thermocouple, RTD, and standard analog signal, all in one place.


    In this video, an Application Engineer shows users how to bring in Modbus/TCP-communicating instruments for measurement data synchronization across devices with the IS8000 Integrated Test and Measurement Software Platform from Yokogawa Test&Measurement.

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