How can I replaced the SD Card on my GP/GX without interrupting the recording?

Preparing to Swap SD Card:

Format your new SD card first, please use this SD formatter with your PC or LAPTOP;
this is the formatter that Yokogawa recommends for all SD CARDS:

Download it from SD ASSOCIATION:

Use the OVERWRITE FORMAT for a new card.
This is the slow thorough method for formatting a new SD Card.

Once you have your new SD CARD formatted and ready, then proceed as follows.

1.    Open the lower door-cover fully.
2.    Press MENU button.
3.    Presss SD/MEDIA Icon up at the TOP of the LCD.
4.    Press “SD” icon at mid-screen.
(safe to remove media message pops up)
5.    Press on the SD card so that it ejects.
6.    Remove the SD card.
7.    Insert the new SD card all the way till it clicks.
8.    MEDIA OPERATION screen will pop-up.
10.    DONE.

You should have plenty of time to do this; if anything goes wrong, simply re-insert your known good SD card and re-start the logging.

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