IS8000 Application Programming Interface

This software is an API (Application Programming Interface) that enables acquiring data from measurement instruments not supported by IS8000 and controlling IS8000 from user software.

API Overview

IS8000 API refers to the following two items.

  • A programming interface for expanding the features of the IS8000 software
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)

You can use the IS8000 API to do the following:

  • Create a user library (DLL) using IS8000SDK.DLL and acquire data from external instruments.
  • Control a portion of the IS8000 Software functions from an external application.
    (Create a user application for performing gRPC communication. IS8000SDK.DLL is not necessary for creating user applications.)

The API requires the purchase of IS8001 (IS8000 subscription license) or IS8002 (IS8000 perpetual license).
It cannot be used with the IS8000 simple version.

For details on API functions and how to use them, please refer to the help file (*.chm) in the Help folder in the SDK or the user's manual.


SDK Structure

The Software Development Kit (SDK) is used to create IS8000 Software user libraries and applications for controlling the IS8000 Software.
The SDK consists of the following:

Folder name Description
Manuals External API manual
IS8000SDK User library (DLL) development SDK
  Help Explanation of API functions
  Sample A user library sample project and libraries for connecting a DL850E
  Lib IS8000SDK.DLL (The IS8000 API)
IS8000Control IS8000 control API
  Help Explanation of API functions
  Sample Sample codes for connecting to a measurement instrument from an external application and controlling the data acquisition
  Protos proto files for controlling the IS8000 Software


System requirement

The system requirements for developing user libraries are as follows:

Requirement Description
Development platform Visual Studio 2017 or later
Programming language C#
.NET Framework 4.6 or later
Operating system Windows 10 build 1902 or later
Assembly Included as a 64-bit DLL

The system requirements for using user libraries are essentially the same as those for running the IS8000 software. Better specifications may be necessary depending on the device or software you are connecting.


Note for sample library

This SDK includes a sample project and libraries for connecting DL850E(s) or DL850EV(s).
By copying the entire ”IS8000SDK\Sample\Lib\DL850DAQServiceSample” folder, which is obtained when you unzip the downloaded zip file, to C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\YOKOGAWA\IS8000\Lib\, you will be able to connect to DL850E(s) or DL850EV(s) and use the samples for performing data acquisition on the following voltage modules. (up to 16 channels)
Since these are samples, their operation is not guaranteed.

Model Module name
701250 High-Speed 10 MS/s, 12-Bit Isolation Module
720250 High-Speed 10 MS/s, 12-Bit Isolation Module
701251 High-Speed High-Resolution 1 MS/s, 16-Bit Isolation Module
701255 High-Speed 10 MS/s, 12-Bit Non-Isolation Module
701267 High-Voltage 100 kS/s, 16-Bit Isolation Module (with RMS)
720210 High-Speed 100 MS/s, 12-Bit Isolation Module
720211 High-Speed 100 MS/s, 12-Bit Isolation Module
720268 High-Voltage 1 MS/s, 16-Bit Isolation Module (with AAF, RMS)
720254 4-CH 1 MS/s, 16-Bit Isolation Module


Date Version Description
Aug 31, 2022 Added the new API functions (The waveform acquisition function from a data source)
Jun 28, 2022 Added the new API functions (IS8000 control API)
May 16, 2022 New release




    Having multiple memory options allows engineering groups to optimize how data is stored, no matter if you need to record for a long time at slower sampling rates, do a fast capture at high sampling rates, or anything in between.

    The Yokogawa Test&Measurement DL950 ScopeCorder operates as an oscilloscope and incorporates the ability to record data for long periods of time like a data acquisition recorder. There are four memory types on the DL950 ScopeCorder: internal memory, solid state drive, flash memory, and PC storage through the IS8000 Integrated Test and Measurement Software Platform. This videos talks about the advantages of each of these and how to pick the best data recording method for you.

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