Process Multimeter CA450

The Yokogawa Process Multimeter CA450 is a portable test instrument that combines a digital RMS multimeter and a loop calibrator, allowing process technicians to efficiently perform their tasks using a single tool. The Yokogawa CA450 provides 24-Volt loop power, reducing the need for carrying a separate power supply when performing transmitter testing. And with its built-in, selectable 250-Ohm Hart resistor, it also eliminates the need for a separate resistor. 

Technicians involved in industrial process maintenance must troubleshoot a variety of instrumentation in the field. This necessitates carrying a wide variety of tools and electrical equipment such as digital multimeters and calibrators/sorucing devices. Individual, single purpose devices may not have the varied functionality needed for equipment validation, in addition to being cumbersome and inefficient to carry. In these situations, a device that can  source, measure, and have PC compatibility would be the perfect instrument for the task. The CA450 Process Calibrator is defined by:

Varied Functionality

  • Source commonly used field instrumentation standards such as loop power, and miliamps DC
  • Measure like a DMM; capture and log current, voltage, resistance, and even DCS power 
  • Step/Sweep outputs for enhanced testing of field equipment
  • PC communication for traferring and saving data

Enhanced Safety

  • Prevent polarity error issues with terminal safeguards to prevent incorrect wiring
  • Conforms to 600V CAT. IV and 1000V CAT III



Loop Check Functions

  • Simultaneous 24 V loop power and mA measurement
  • HART mode setting with loop power (250 OHM resistance)


Generation Functions

  • SIMULATE (SINK) function simulates transmitters
  • 4-20 mA span/step/auto-step/sweep output


Measurement Functions

  • High accuracy signal measurement: DC mA 0.05%/30.000 mA
  • Handheld DMM function
  • Peak/Hold function for DCS power peak-to-peak measurement
  • Dedicated sensor modes for direct reading of many sensor signal types


Enhanced Safety - Helps Eliminate Electric Shocks

  • Current terminal shutter prevents incorrect connections
  • Sensor function handles AC load current measurement
  • Meets 600 V CAT. IV, 1000 V CAT. III safety standards


Linking with a PC

  • Transfer data to a PC via IR-U



Standard Accessories

  • 4 AA Batteries
  • Test Leads
  • Test Cable
  • 2 Fuses
  • Instruction Manual

Optional Accessories

  • 1-5V Adapter Set
  • DMM Communication Package
  • Alligator Test Leads
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • Various Current Clamp Probes


See Yokogawa CA450 Manual below for complete safety and operating instructions.

Yokogawa CA450 Manual Excerpt:

4.3.1     AC Voltage Measurement

1) Turn the function switch to the “ ” or “mV” position.
2) If you turned the function switch to “mV,”
press SELECT. (“ ” is displayed.)
3) Insert the test leads into the input terminals.
4) Connect the test leads to the circuit under
measurement, and then read the value
when it stabilizes.

4.3.2     DC Voltage Measurement

1) Turn the function switch to the “ ” or “mV” position.
2) Insert the test leads into the input terminals.
3) Connect the test leads to the circuit under
measurement, and then read the value
when it stabilizes.

4.3.3     Measuring Using Sensors (SENSOR)

You can use this function to measure the output of a current sensor or other type of
sensor that converts its measured values into voltages, to convert the voltages
into the original measured values, and to display the converted values.
Before you perform measurement, you need to configure unit, conversion,
and other settings.
See section 4.6.2 “SENSOR Mode Input, Display, and Unit Settings.”
1) Turn the function switch to the “mV” position.
2) Press SHIFT+SELECT to switch to DC SENSOR mode.
To switch to AC SENSOR mode, press SELECT again.
The input voltage appears in the subdisplay.
In the main display, the value converted using the settings configured in
section 4.6.2 “SENSOR Mode Input, Display, and Unit Settings.”

3) Connect the sensor that you will use to the input terminals.
4) Read the value when it stabilizes.
To return to normal mV measurement, press SHIFT+SELECT again. 

99031 1 to 5 V Adapter Set

250 Ω resister, terminal adapter and leads

92015 DMM Communication Package

The application software can use only the measurement function.
(Logging function only)

USB adapter, USB cable and software

99014 Alligator Test leads

  • 99014 Alligator Clip Leads
  • 1000 V CAT III, 600 V CAT IV Red Black 1 set

93029 Carrying Case

For carrying the CA450, the test leads, and the lead cables

93043-P1 Carrying Case

Carrying case with hanger strap and large size case

99032 Magnet hook

Magnet hook (Maximum weight 1.5 kg)

Current clamp probe 96095

AC/DC clamp probe
AC: 130 A (40 Hz to 1 kHz)
DC: ±180 A

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