Process Multimeter CA450

The Yokogawa CA450 Process Multimeter is a portable test instrument that combines a digital RMS multimeter and a loop calibrator, allowing process technicians to efficiently perform their tasks using a single tool. The Yokogawa CA450 provides 24-Volt loop power, reducing the need for carrying a separate power supply when performing transmitter testing. And with its built-in, selectable 250-Ohm Hart resistor, it also eliminates the need for a separate resistor. 

Technicians involved in industrial process maintenance must troubleshoot a variety of instrumentation in the field. This necessitates carrying a wide variety of tools and electrical equipment such as digital multimeters and calibrators/sorucing devices. Individual, single purpose devices may not have the varied functionality needed for equipment validation, in addition to being cumbersome and inefficient to carry. In these situations, a device that can  source, measure, and have PC compatibility would be the perfect instrument for the task. The CA450 Process Calibrator is defined by:

Varied Functionality

  • Source commonly used field instrumentation standards such as loop power, and miliamps DC
  • Measure like a DMM; capture and log current, voltage, resistance, and even DCS power 
  • Step/Sweep outputs for enhanced testing of field equipment
  • PC communication for traferring and saving data

Enhanced Safety

  • Prevent polarity error issues with terminal safeguards to prevent incorrect wiring
  • Conforms to 600V CAT. IV and 1000V CAT III



Loop Check Functions

  • Simultaneous 24 V loop power and mA measurement
  • HART mode setting with loop power (250 OHM resistance)


Generation Functions

  • SIMULATE (SINK) function simulates transmitters
  • 4-20 mA span/step/auto-step/sweep output


Measurement Functions

  • High accuracy signal measurement: DC mA 0.05%/30.000 mA
  • Handheld DMM function
  • Peak/Hold function for DCS power peak-to-peak measurement
  • Dedicated sensor modes for direct reading of many sensor signal types


Enhanced Safety - Helps Eliminate Electric Shocks

  • Current terminal shutter prevents incorrect connections
  • Sensor function handles AC load current measurement
  • Meets 600 V CAT. IV, 1000 V CAT. III safety standards


Linking with a PC

  • Transfer data to a PC via IR-U



Standard Accessories

  • 4 AA Batteries
  • Test Leads
  • Test Cable
  • 2 Fuses
  • Instruction Manual

Optional Accessories

  • 1-5V Adapter Set
  • DMM Communication Package
  • Alligator Test Leads
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • Various Current Clamp Probes


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