The simple, standalone solution for calibrating meter, clamp and CTs.

  • Yokogawa’s first high precision AC Power Standard, designed to calibrate 0.15% class power meters.  It can output up to 1250V, 62.5 A, and 1200 Hz with fine resolution and accuracy. Features include a high quality LCD Display, a vector diagram, and ability to emulate the most commonly encountered wiring schemes.

  • The Model 2560A is a High Voltage/Current precision DC calibrator. It can generate DC Voltages up to + 1224 V, and DC Currents up to +36.72 A. In addition, it provides temperature calibration, supporting 10 types of thermocouples and Pt100 RTD. Useful functions for analog meter calibration include Sweep, Divider, Deviation and Scale setting.

  • The Precision DC Cailibrator Model 2553A is powered by Yokogawa's highly accurate and precise voltage and current generation technology, capable of generating up to +/- 32 V DC and +/-120 mADC with high reliability and high stability. In addition to calibrating voltage and current meters, the 2553A is also capable of calibrating temperature meters and controllers which measure temperature by thermocouple or Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD). Output value is adjustable intuitively by dials for each digit.

  • An AC voltage and current standard is used as a calibration reference for the cost effective calibration of AC analog meters and other AC measuring instruments. The 2558A can be operated manually with front panel controls or programmatically via remote computer interface.

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