Voltage and Current Calibrators and Standards

The simple, standalone solution for calibrating clamp on testers, power meters, multimeters, current transformers, temperature controllers, and analog and digital panel meters. 

Field and laboratory grade instrumentation must be periodically tested over the course of their useful lives. This is due to the wear and tear or harsh environmental conditions these instruments are exposed to, degrading the integrity of their measurement circuitry and causing them to respond less accurately. Additionally, offsite calibration or using cost-prohibitive multi-function tools may lead to project downtime and less accurate instrument verification, as these devices do not have the bandwidth or accuracy needed for higher-end measurement devices.

Standalone, single purpose instruments such as dedicated AC or DC standards are perfectly suited for periodic instrumentation verification. This is due to their:

  • Ease of use: Featuring intuitive interfaces, users can quickly and easily flip a switch or dial in specific voltage, current, temperature, frequency or phase values. No programming required. 
  • Accuracy: AC and DC standards feature superior accuracy and stability, allowing them to be used as trusted references for calibration or verification of measurement instruments.
  • Varied Functionality: DC standards can be used for verifying temperature controllers, thermometers, data loggers and DC wattmeters, while AC standards can generate endless combinations of phase, frequency, and sinusoidal voltage/current waveforms for testing power meters, current clamps, transformers, and panel-mount energy meters. 
  • The LS3300, Yokogawa’s first high precision AC Power Standard.  New features include a high quality LCD Display, a vector diagram, the ability to emulate the most commonly encountered wiring schemes, and independent voltage and current sources. 

  • The 2560A is a DC calibrator featuring a wider range of voltage and current outputs, while retaining the same best-in-class precision expected from Yokogawa benchtop standards. 

  • The Precision DC Cailibrator Model 2553A is powered by Yokogawa's expertise in highly accurate and precise voltage and current generation technology, combined with high reliability and high stability.

  • An AC voltage and current standard is used as a trusted reference for the cost effective calibration of AC measuring instruments. The 2558A can be operated manually with intuitive front panel controls or programmatically via a remote computer interface.

  • This software automatically calibrates a power meter (WT series) using YOKOGAWA's AC Power Calibrator LS3300 and 2560A Precision DC Calibrator.
    Load a CSV format file describing calibration points in advance to control the LS3300 or 2560A so that reference signals are output according to the calibration points.


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